NetSuite’s Alliance Partners: Spotlight On Customer Success

Hayley Null, Manager, Alliance and SDN Marketing

May 25, 2023

AST SpaceMobile, Biohaven, Blake Orchids, Chomps, Jaanuu, The Wheel Exchange, and Wyze worked with NetSuite Alliance Partners to maximize their business processes

At NetSuite, we’re very proud of all our Alliance Partners and the hard work they put into selling, implementing, and supporting our leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. This year’s Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards recognize those partners that have demonstrated commitment and success in implementing NetSuite. We’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on partners that have developed outstanding expertise, customizations, and/or intellectual property in specific microverticals and those that demonstrate commitment to and success in implementing NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, OpenAir, SuiteCommerce, and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting. 

This blog series showcases customer projects that resulted in an Alliance Partner receiving a 2023 Spotlight Award. 

Standardizing Processes Across the Organization

AST SpaceMobile is building the first and only space-based global cellular broadband network to operate directly with standard, unmodified mobile devices. AST SpaceMobile aims to eliminate the connectivity gaps faced by five billion mobile subscribers and finally bring broadband to the billions who remain unconnected. However, AST SpaceMobile was unable to standardize processes and operations across its geographically dispersed locations using a mix of separate systems and Excel spreadsheets. 

AST moved forward with NetSuite in 2021 and engaged PCG in 2022 to optimize the implementation and add functionality, including for manufacturing. Phase 2 is live, and the company is entering Phase 3 of adoption. So far, it has deployed manufacturing premium, work in progress (WIP)/routings, fixed assets, warehouse management, and multi-book, among other NetSuite modules. 

For AST SpaceMobile, PCG also created approval workflows and custom reports that align with the broadband company’s business processes. Customizations include:

  •  Requisition and purchase order approval workflows.
  • Vendor approval process workflows.
  • Purchase order approval histories.
  • Purchase requisitions. 

With NetSuite, AST SpaceMobile gained the companywide standardization and global financial consolidation that it was missing. Next, it plans to ramp up use of NetSuite’s manufacturing module in more locations and expand its use of the ERP globally. 

7 Instances of QuickBooks to 1 Instance of NetSuite

Founded in 1946, Blake Orchards is an “agritainment” organization that encompasses seasonal events, restaurants, donut manufacturing and distribution, and the production of Blake’s Hard Cider. Over time, the business grew to the point where its “pieced together” software solutions no longer made sense.   

The company was using seven different instances of QuickBooks, plus SAP and OBeer, to manage its business. Getting consolidated financial reports across different instances took a lot of time, and the organization faced inventory discrepancies and manual expense allocations. All of Blake Orchards’ systems worked in silos, and none of them communicated with one another. 

When evaluating replacement software solutions, the company considered Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Acumatica before selecting NetSuite. With Beyond Cloud as its implementation partner, Blake Orchards implemented NetSuite’s manufacturing premium module. It’s also using Beyond Cloud’s custom automated stock transfer solution that pulls inventory from multiple locations based on stock availability and user discretion.  

Today, Blake Orchards can record transactions from seven different entities in NetSuite instead of using multiple versions of its previous software. The company has consolidated reporting and intercompany elimination, both of which have given Blake Orchard’s accounting team hours back in the day to focus on more important projects. 

Going Live in Just Seven Weeks

Biohaven is a global clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, research, development, and commercialization of life-changing therapies for people with debilitating neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. In May 2022, a large biopharmaceutical company announced that it was acquiring part of Biohaven's business and product lines, calling for an accelerated carve-out plan as part of the separation agreement. During the implementation, the team uncovered last-minute legal and licensing challenges and developed a new operating model to complete the separation agreement.

Deloitte Digital was brought in to develop and execute the carve-out approach, which included establishing the acquired business as a separate entity within Biohaven's NetSuite production environment. This gave the acquiring company the ability to run the entity independently, ensuring business continuity with zero operational disruptions.

As part of the carve-out project, Biohaven leveraged NetSuite’s finance, procurement, inventory management, order management, manufacturing, supply chain management, and order-to-cash modules, among others. The implementation went seamlessly, and the accelerated carve-out plan was completed within just seven weeks. 

As a result, Biohaven’s multibillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions deal closed successfully with a redesigned operational model and a record go-live, spinning out a company from design to enablement within a short timeframe. This also enabled BHVN to carve out prior financial statements for the split of business going back multiple years. The new processes developed as part of this implementation allowed Biohaven to close the period quickly to support the separation agreement and load required carve-out data and transactions. Business continuity was maintained, and the close was accelerated to align with third-party TSA with zero operational disruptions, saving the company both time and money.

Controlling the Order-to-Cash Cycle

Jaanuu, a company founded in 2013 that produces and sells medical scrubs, faced difficulties with inventory management and distribution due to its reliance on spreadsheets and homegrown systems. In its quest to find a new solution, Jaannu evaluated both QuickBooks and NetSuite alongside its current system. 

Working with Power Cloud, Jaanuu deployed NetSuite’s apparel, footwear, and accessories package plus heavy order management. Power Cloud provided an integration to the BootStrap order management system, which Jaanuu uses to control the order-to-cash cycle and record its financials. 

Power Cloud also provided a custom integration to the company’s third-party logistics (3PL) provider on the procure-to-pay side, which is used to record incoming and outgoing inventory. The implementation went well, even though a key Jaanuu employee left midway into the deployment. Power Cloud was able to overcome this and bring the large apparel manufacturer online with NetSuite without any major challenges. 

Today, Jaanuu can be more granular with its financials, reporting has been streamlined, and inventory management has improved to the point where the company now has full visibility into its product line.  

Up next, Jaanuu will continue with Phase 2 of its NetSuite implementation, which will include custom payout reconciliation and inbound shipment automatization with its 3PL and order management system. The PowerCloud payout reconciliation module will streamline and automate the manual bank deposit process for the multiple payment merchants that Jaanuu uses today. 

As part of Phase 2, Jaanuu will integrate the B2B side of its business with NuOrder platform with Netsuite. This will empower Jaanuu to expand the B2B side of its business and get more visibility for the B2B sales channel. PowerCloud will provide the integration between NetSuite and the 3PL to transmit fulfillment requests to the 3PL and record fulfillments back into NetSuite. 

NetSuite Keeps the Wheels Turning

Founded in 2007, The Wheel Exchange is a retailer and reseller of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheel rims. The company provides finishes for factory rims and offers trade-in services and refurbishing of old stock. 

Before moving to NetSuite, The Wheel Exchange ran its growing business on QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets. This presented numerous challenges, including inaccurate inventory management, no production tracking, and difficulties managing intercompany outsourced manufacturing. The company wasn’t accurately tracking its inventory levels, which led to stock-out scenarios and missed sales opportunities. 

The Wheel Exchange implemented NetSuite’s manufacturing standard plus Custom Core Deposit, which was developed by implementation partner Beyond Cloud. The implementation process was seamless and efficient, resulting in a successful go live. 

With NetSuite, The Wheel Exchange now has a 360-degree view of its business operations and complete visibility into inventory levels, production processes, and financial data. This has allowed the growing company to make more informed decisions about its business while optimizing its operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.  

In the next phase of its NetSuite journey, The Wheel Exchange will leverage the full capabilities of the platform to achieve even greater operational efficiency and further scale its business. Modules the company plans to implement include demand planning and forecasting, both of which will help it further optimize its inventory management, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Integrating Multiple Systems into NetSuite

Since 2017, Wyze has made smart home technology like security cameras and digital interfaces. Over the last three years, the company has raised four rounds of outside funding totaling $155 million. Wyze was previously using QuickBooks but had limited functionality available in its existing system; it needed a unified view across all business systems. Working with Myers-Holum, the company implemented NetSuite’s record-to-report, design-to-build, order-to-cash, and procure-to-pay modules. 

The implementation also included several integrations, including those connecting NetSuite to SPS Commerce, WesternPost, Amazon Vendor Central, Snowflake, and Wyze’s own vendor portal. The implementation went smoothly, and the project was delivered on time. 

Wyze now has streamlined business processes across its multiple systems and, thanks to NetSuite and Myers-Holum’s best practices, has realized improved efficiency and reduced errors. Other benefits include: 

Streamlined processes: Working with Myers-Holum, Wyze has been able to implement new workflows that have eliminated manual activities and QA reconciliation tasks, saving time and improving accuracy. 

Improved tracking: With NetSuite, Wyze now has improved tracking and full visibility into its business operations, providing greater control and oversight over processes. 

New analytics and reporting: NetSuite also enables Wyze to generate analytics and reports that were not possible before, providing insights into business performance and allowing for data-driven decision-making. 

Next, Wyze plans to expand NetSuite to its international subsidiaries and potentially add an integration point for the Western Post digital inventory management system. 

Real-Time, Accurate Inventory Management

Founded in 2012, Chomps is one of the fastest-growing natural snack brands  in the United States. The company previously used QuickBooks as its primary accounting software. Chomps chose NetSuite and implemented the ERP’s food and beverage premium module. 

For Chomps, Beyond Cloud provided implementation project management support and customizations like electronic data interchange-based (EDI) automated purchase orders, acknowledgement document sent script, and others tailored to its business. 

With NetSuite in place, Chomps now has the ability to focus on more value-add support for the business.

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