Research Insights: The 3 Top Visibilities Every Retailer Needs for Success

January 4, 2016

Posted by Branden Jenkins, GM for Retail, NetSuite

A recent study from RSR Research, Commerce Convergence: Closing the Gap Between Online and In-Store(opens in new tab), found that more than 90 percent of retailers believe that real-time inventory visibility across the enterprise is critical to their success.

In this final video within our five-part Retail Insights series, Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner of RSR Research, discusses how modern retailers are using the top three “visibilities” into inventory, customer activity and real-time product information running across ecommerce(opens in new tab), POS systems(opens in new tab) and call centers to their advantage to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market.

To learn more, download your complimentary benchmark report from RSR Research and NetSuite, Commerce Convergence: Closing the Gap Between Online and In-Store(opens in new tab).

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