Dr. COGS: The Origin Story

Staff Staff, NetSuite

August 19, 2021

Dr. Seamus Cogswell was a genius when it came to all aspects of the supply chain.

With PhDs in International Trade Law, Mathematics and Industrial Robotics, Cogswell could determine at a glance the costs of each individual component of complex machinery, the potential number of suppliers involved and the length of time it would likely take to order those parts and complete assembly.

To supplement his knowledge he built FIFO, a mechanical owl companion, that specialized in weather forecasting and global positioning.

Cogswell’s incredible capabilities made him popular in the manufacturing and distribution fields. For years, Cogswell offered his expertise to trade groups and in academia, helping improve the efficiency of global trade and delighting businesses and their end customers with rapid delivery, lower costs and less friction in the supply chain.

Yet, this work also created enemies. Price gougers, bootleggers and overnight couriers were aghast at all the profits they lost out on when Cogswell introduced efficiencies into the system.

When Cogswell was called in to evaluate a new supercomputer programmed with real-time access to global shipping routes, airports, freight train schedules and bitcoin valuations, the evil group Raiders in the Supply Chain (RISC) set a trap. As Cogswell donned the interactive virtual reality goggles and plugged into the supercomputer, Ms. Shipment, an agent of RISC, sent a 500-jigawatt electrical charge into the machine. As the charge struck the supercomputer, it downloaded its algorithms and database into the nearest thing it could -- Dr. Cogswell. He suddenly had instantaneous knowledge of global supply chains.

Joined by FIFO, Cogswell rededicated himself to solving the world's supply chain problems, eliminating risk and ensuring on-time deliveries for businesses everywhere as - Dr. COGS!

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