NetSuite 2023 Release 1 Brings Efficiencies and Employee Engagement with New Workforce Solution

Tanios Boudames, Product Marketing Manager, SuitePeople

January 18, 2023

People are your business’s most important and expensive resource. You need the right tools to optimize your employees’ output while providing them with effective support to do their jobs, efficiently clock their hours, and receive their pay. A workforce management system helps by optimizing schedules, digitally tracking hours, automatically calculating wages, and accurately paying your workers. 

NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management(opens in new tab) helps businesses eliminate multiple applications and spreadsheets by providing a unified solution that streamlines scheduling, simplifies the capture of time and attendance, automates wage calculations, and provides a better experience for both employees and managers.

Take the Guesswork Out of Scheduling

Optimize staffing by aligning your employees’ schedules with business needs. The visual shift scheduling tool in NetSuite Workforce Management provides a combination of forecasts, employee schedule templates, and labor deployment models to optimize staffing. 

Receive essential workforce insights, like sales data, to help you map out labor supply versus business demand so you can ensure you have the right number of people to serve your customers. In addition, managers can easily view employee hours worked for the week, including overtime, by location. This helps leaders create, edit, and manage shift swaps, all in one place.           

Say Goodbye to Paper Timecards 

With SuitePeople Time Clock, companies can eliminate manual data entry by having employees clock in and out on a computer, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere, anytime — whether they’re on a remote job site, office, shop floor, warehouse, or restaurant. Optional two-factor authentication with fingerprint scanning and photo capture helps eliminate “buddy clocking” and other security risks and ensure accurate time tracking.  

Employees who work on multiple tasks or for different clients, for example, can easily change their status throughout the day and keep track of pay rates and hours worked by location and task. This helps managers compare planned schedules versus what hours are actually worked on each day.   

Drive Employee Engagement

The mobile app provides a superior employee experience by letting your people easily track their time, swap or drop shifts, find substitutes to fill shifts, and open a chat line with HR or a manager to ask questions or receive attestations about their approved time. This helps employees know how many hours they’ve worked and delivers flexibility that improves work-life balance.

The mobile app also notifies managers of daily activities, like when an employee has requested a shift swap or forgot to punch in or out of a scheduled shift.

Accurately Pay Workers 

With increasingly stringent labor laws, it’s important to have a system that can accurately calculate wages. With NetSuite’s Workforce Management solution, a built-in wage rules engine automatically calculates hours, overtime, and holidays. It also applies your company’s rules and policies when you build your schedule. This helps managers know when workers cannot be scheduled for additional hours and allows them to efficiently approve time worked. The result is a smooth process for employees, improved compliance with labor regulations, and reduced costs.

Do More with the Suite 

Not only will SuitePeople Workforce Management support scheduling, time tracking, and wage calculation, but because it’s part of NetSuite, your financials are updated in real time.  Companies that use SuitePeople Payroll will no longer need to import and export data into and out of NetSuite.  

It’s time to eliminate manual processes, disjoined systems, and the cost of third-party services. One unified solution ensures payroll data is seamlessly transferred to your ERP system to be posted on the general ledger in real time so financial data is accurate and consistently up to date. 

With a unified workforce management solution, you have one source for time, payroll, and financial data; eliminate duplication and manual effort; and secure your HR data while ensuring compliance. 

NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Discover How NetSuite 2023 Release 1 Can Help You

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