From Payday to Promotions: Managing Your People More Effectively

Jonathan D’Sa, Director Outbound Product Management

November 15, 2019

Every company has people that need to be paid, managed and motivated.

Two of NetSuite’s customers, Advanced Product Piping Manufacturing (APP) and Fisher Unitech, are in different industries, generate different revenues and have completely different backgrounds and growth stories. But they do share one thing in common: they both made the move to bring together their HR processes and financials into a single application using NetSuite ERP and SuitePeople.

Advanced Piping Products Prioritizes Its People

APP is a manufacturing company based in Houston, Texas that stocks and sells above-ground pipe supports across the U.S. In a recent webcast(opens in new tab), the President of APP, Carrie Reese, explained that when she and her husband took over the company, the company was shifting their strategy from outsourcing to in-house manufacturing. It needed a scalable HR and payroll system to grow with the business while also connecting to the ERP system, which is what led APP to consider SuitePeople.

After going live on NetSuite ERP, implementing the natively built SuitePeople as its HR and Payroll solution was an easy decision.

The benefits are tangible:

  • Time to process payroll decreased by 85%
  • Five backend systems decreased to just two

But best of all, SuitePeople has helped APP foster a sense of culture tied to the organization’s values. The company even makes shirts for its employees that receive SuitePeople Kudos!

 By adding NetSuite’s HR capabilities, APP now has a single system to run the entire business, eliminating manual entry of payroll data, remaining HR compliant and increasing productivity. Carrie and her husband can now focus their newly acquired time and energy on growing their business rather than managing a multitude of systems.

Fisher Unitech Says Goodbye to Manual Processes and Hello to Growth

 Fisher Unitech is a leading provider of product lifecycle management solutions. Unfortunately, as it expanded it lacked a backend financial system that could manage its rapid growth goals, including its rapidly increasing headcount.

Initially, Fisher Unitech was manually running the business in Excel, email and even sometimes spiral notebooks. When it decided to implement NetSuite ERP, Patrick Scally - Fisher Unitech’s HR Director - began exploring options to upgrade payroll processes to fit within the company’s new ERP system, he said in a recent webinar(opens in new tab). The appeal of an integrated, simplified solution that could scale with Fisher Unitech’s high-growth business led it to SuitePeople.

SuitePeople’s payroll functionality built on the ERP system provides a unified source of truth for the company. As the business grew, the need for a more comprehensive HR system(opens in new tab) became more apparent as well; Patrick says the driving force to implement SuitePeople HR functionality was pure scalability of the solution. With SuitePeople HR and Payroll, Patrick’s confident that Fisher Unitech now has a scalable suite of business applications that the company can trust while continuing to accelerate growth.

Interested in hearing more about the success of how NetSuite customers are using SuitePeople? Check out the on-demand webinars featuring APP(opens in new tab) and Fisher Unitech(opens in new tab).

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