Announcing our 2016 SuiteImpact Ambassadors!

Teryll Hopper, Communications Manager for Corporate Citizenship, NetSuite

March 11, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce our 2016 in new tab) SuiteImpact Team Ambassadors, a passionate group of NetSuite employees who will spearhead volunteer activities in their local office.

In case you didn’t know, SuiteImpact Ambassadors are central to the success of’s SuiteImpact volunteer program(opens in new tab), which seeks to engage employees around the world in causes that matter to them. Last year alone, Ambassadors helped to plan 200+ activities and mobilized close to 3,000 employees in local volunteer activities and donation drives.

This is shaping up to be a great year and we can’t wait to see what volunteer activities our Ambassadors will plan. Please take a moment to congratulate and get to know the Ambassadors in your office.


  • Joseph Beck
  • Akshat Jasra


  • Michael Hardy
  • Tony Caporal
  • Doug Richards
  • Bryce Casey


  • Pipat Wigromlert
  • Natcharee Limworaseth


  • Alexandra Negrut


  • Sam Gertzog
  • Jayne Youniss
  • Go Kamiyama


  • Michael Abaffy
  • Radka Svejnohova
  • Lucie Pesakova


  • Kendall Weir
  • Alexandra Grace
  • Saif Sheikh
  • Charles Mosser


  • Kathleen Mines
  • Carol East
  • Ratan Mehrotra
  • Emily Garcia
  • Jennifer Cotter


  • Michael Gottliebb
  • Laura Bowman

Hong Kong

  • Alex Lum


  • Leila Halilovic
  • Tom Lawford
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Bal Jutley

Los Angeles (Remote)

  • Amber Howland
  • David Taitelbaum


  • Benjamin Ashmore
  • Rhian Sugden
  • Richard Taylor
  • Andy Simms


  • Marie Pearl Mendoza
  • Iniel Caballero
  • Anna Klenessa Morales
  • Odessa Secosana
  • Dondon Tugas
  • Randy Lorenzano


  • Erika Hage
  • Rumi de Silva Dutt
  • Steven Roccuzzo


  • Sue Guggenberger
  • Wendy Sanders


  • Juan Boggia
  • Sofia Brugnini

New York

  • Charif Downes
  • Jessica Franco
  • Carrie Blackwell
  • Kaitlyn Shortell

Oklahoma City

  • Lauren Webb
  • Daniel Cassil
  • Ben Speer

Phoenix (Remote)

  • Bret Crosby

San Mateo

  • Christine Vinnicombe
  • Connor Douglass
  • Kristina Lindstrom


  • Kurt Teoh
  • Bariza Narmada


  • Clare Leask
  • Katie Sheppard
  • Suzanne Myerson
  • Grainne Kelleher


  • Chihoon Moon
  • Tomoya Shimada


  • Nicole LaPenta
  • Jennifer Bui
  • Ashley Harnanine
  • Laura Bell
  • Nina Wang


  • Amanda Schwartz
  • Jesslly Wong


  • Simon Clark
  • Ian Ring, the Corporate Citizenship arm of NetSuite, offers our free, cloud-based technology and pro bono services to enable nonprofits and social enterprises to do things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible given their staff and budget limitations. By leveraging our technology and pro bono volunteers, organizations can direct their resources toward accomplishing their mission rather than managing IT complexity. For more information about our programs, visit in new tab).

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