22 Organizations to Receive Pro Bono Support from the SuiteVolunteers!

Erin Dieterich, Global Employee Engagement Manager 

May 31, 2017

In October, we announced our renewed commitment to the community through the NetSuite.org Employee Corporate Citizenship programs(opens in new tab), SuiteImpact Teams and SuiteVolunteers! We have been thrilled with the roll-out of these initiatives and the terrific feedback we’ve received from NetSuite employees around the world.

This holiday season, our SuiteImpact Teams held their first events, partnering with community organizations around the world, from Manila(opens in new tab) to Brno(opens in new tab). Our employee ambassadors are eagerly planning their next SuiteImpact Team community service activity. We’ll keep you posted on their outcomes, and share stories as the year goes on.

In late December, we announced the 2013 menu of SuiteVolunteer(opens in new tab) pro bono projects that our NetSuite.org grantees (charities and social enterprises that use NetSuite as part of our donation program(opens in new tab)) were invited to apply for.

It was really exciting to see that these services resonated with both our grantees and our employees! Over the past weeks, we’ve sorted through all of the fantastic applications we
received and have selected a group of 22 organizations who will make up our inaugural class of SuiteVolunteer grantees! We’ve matched them with 46 outstanding employee volunteers from our offices around the world.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce these grantees that have been accepted to our Q1 SuiteVolunteers program. Next week, they will meet their employee volunteer teams, and together they will spend February and March completing their pro bono project.

2012 Q1 SuiteVolunteer Grantees:

1.     Asociacion Civil El Arca(opens in new tab)

2.     AyurVAID Hospitals(opens in new tab)

3.     The California Institute for Mental Health - CiMH(opens in new tab)

4.     Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute(opens in new tab)

5.     EDTec(opens in new tab)

6.     Eliminate Poverty Now(opens in new tab)

7.     Found My Animal(opens in new tab)

8.     GlobalLEAD(opens in new tab)

9.     Good Sports(opens in new tab)

10.   Habitat for Humanity Niagara(opens in new tab)

11.   New Teacher Center(opens in new tab)

12.   Positive Coaching Alliance(opens in new tab)

13.   Praying Pelicans Mission(opens in new tab)

14.   Sea to Table(opens in new tab)

15.   Solar Liberty Foundation(opens in new tab)

16.   The Paradigm Project(opens in new tab)

17.   Urban Sparks(opens in new tab)

18.   Vision Forward Association(opens in new tab)

19.   Water For People(opens in new tab)

20.   W.O.L.F(opens in new tab)

21.   Winners Circle (NIP, inc.)(opens in new tab)

22.   World Centric(opens in new tab)

We’re looking forward to sharing stories of these great pro bono successes over the course of the quarter, and are already preparing our Q2 application!

Have an idea of something you’d like to see our employees work on? You can find us on Twitter @NetSuiteorg(opens in new tab).

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