Piracle brings Automated Check Printing to NetSuite

December 11, 2013

The NetSuite ecosystem continues to enhance the core product and the user experience with functionality that make the user’s jobs easier and their business run better.

The latest enhancement is a NetSuite integration that’s helping to take the time, hassle and expense out of check writing. For consumers familiar with online banking, automatic payments and deposits, writing checks by hand may seem quaint, but for most businesses it’s the way things are still done.

And business that have advanced past hand-written checks still have to worry about security of check stock, dedicated printers and keeping the check numbers sequential.

Piracle Systems(opens in new tab), an SDN partner and a NetSuite user itself since 2007, has created a Piracle Payment System (PPS) integration for NetSuite, that allows a business to issue checks directly from within the NetSuite system to a dedicated check printer.

Currently, NetSuite users send to a pre-printed check form. The Piracle Systems offering spares a business from having to worry about the security of the pre-printed forms, both the fraud risk and the handling requirements, and print personalized checks directly from NetSuite.

“That usually requires two or three people to run the process,” said Dan Parker, Marketing Director at Piracle. “We’re offering a streamlined capability to use blank stock for their process.”

The integration provides an enhancement that a number of NetSuite customers have requested for check printing capabilities.

Instead of pulling the preprinted check forms out of storage, counting out the right number for the bills at hand and ensuring they match the sequential numbers match the NetSuite system, users can simply send the requested checks to a dedicated printer.

Additionally, companies can customize the checks to match company branding, add additional reference or memo fields and adjust the style.

The functionality is currently available with all U.S. and Canadian banks with some Australian and European banks to come.

It’s just another example of how NetSuite is turning to partners to expand the product, one of many more to come.

-Raghu Gnanasekaran, Senior Director Business Development, NetSuite

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