SuiteVolunteers is Back! 23 Organizations to Receive Pro Bono Support in Q1

Erin Dieterich, Global Employee Engagement Manager 

May 31, 2017

After a successful 2013, fulfilling nearly 80 SuiteVolunteer pro bono projects for nonprofit and social enterprise grantees (organizations using NetSuite through our donation(opens in new tab) program), we’re excited to be back with the 2014 program!

Based on feedback from our grantees and employee volunteers, we made a few improvements to the program this year. One of those changes was adding coaching projects. A team of talented NetSuite employees will work with the grantee to review how they are currently using our product and what they could do to improve their use. The volunteers will then identify opportunities for improvement, coach the grantee through these changes and implement them together. This turned out to be quite the popular option! Nine of the 23 Q1 projects will be coaching sessions, and we can’t wait to hear how they go.

Next week, we’ll kick off our Q1 projects at our program orientations. Employee volunteers and grantees will then work together over the next two months to complete the projects together. There are 62 employees from 13 offices on 4 continents working on our 23 projects this quarter. They span over 10 NetSuite divisions, from Finance to Professional Service and Marketing to Product Development. Not only do our volunteers get the experience of working with one of our inspiring grantees—but they often get to work on teams with employees from different divisions, offices and even countries – a great learning and development experience for everyone!

2014 Q1 SuiteVolunteer Grantees:

1. ASHOKA(opens in new tab)
2. AyurVAID HOSPITALS(opens in new tab)
3. CHANGE FOR KIDS(opens in new tab)
4. CITIZENS FOR SAFE SCHOOLS(opens in new tab)
5. CLEANFISH(opens in new tab)
7. COMMONWORKS(opens in new tab)
8. EDTEC(opens in new tab)
9. ENVIROFIT(opens in new tab)
10. FOUND ANIMALS FOUNDATION(opens in new tab)
11. GLOBAL LEAD(opens in new tab)
12. HARVEST POWER(opens in new tab)
13. HEALTH CORPS(opens in new tab)
14. LITTLE ONES POVERTY RELIEF(opens in new tab)
15. NEW TEACHER CENTER(opens in new tab)
16. POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE(opens in new tab)
17. SALAUNO(opens in new tab)
18. SEEN2HELP(opens in new tab)
19. TECH SOUP GLOBAL(opens in new tab)
20. TRAINING4CHANGES(opens in new tab)
22. WASHINGTON WOMEN IN NEED(opens in new tab)
23. ZAMBIKES(opens in new tab)

We’re looking forward to sharing stories of these great pro bono successes over the course of the year. Keep an eye out for the application for Q2 projects to open in March. In the meantime, you can check-out the list of projects(opens in new tab) we’re offering each quarter.

Have an idea of a pro bono project you’d like to see our SuiteVolunteers work on? You can find us on Twitter @NetSuiteorg(opens in new tab).

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