Shaquille O’Neal Is The Big Believer—In Himself, Education and Stern Leadership (With a Hint of Humor)

May 1, 2019

By Kendall Fisher(opens in new tab), executive producer at Grow Wire
2-minute read

It would be a shame to pigeon-hole Shaquille O’Neal(opens in new tab) into just the box of “NBA Legend.”

He is so much more than that, although for most of us that might be enough.

With a doctorate, a business empire full of companies across every major industry and a post-basketball career as an NBA commentator, Shaq is the definition of a big mogul, emphasis on the big. 

We sat down with the former Los Angeles Lakers(opens in new tab) star to understand what ignited his determination to be successful both on and off the basketball court—from his manifestation practice that started as a young boy to his extensive educational background to effective leadership styles(opens in new tab) as a player and as a business leader.

Watch the video below to find out what helped mold Dr. Shaquille O’Neal into the multifaceted legend he is today.

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