Partners Like NXTurn Keep up with the Speed of Change at SuiteWorld

March 31, 2015

Posted by Tony Kontzer(opens in new tab), Guest Blogger
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As a veteran of nearly a decade worth of SuiteWorlds, Dave McGee is all too familiar with just how much the annual gathering of NetSuite customers, partners and solution providers can focus and energize a business.

And as the NetSuite platform has grown wider in its reach and deeper in its functionality, the conference has only grown in importance to those in the NetSuite ecosystem.

"We have to use SuiteWorld(opens in new tab) as a concentrated time to keep up to date on changes coming and how they will affect our business and customers," said McGee, principal of NetSuite solution provider NXTurn(opens in new tab). "The pace of change with NetSuite is not slowing down. If anything, it appears to be accelerating."

That approach hasn't changed in the years NXTurn has had a presence at SuiteWorld. McGee says the key takeaways generally revolve around getting familiar with NetSuite's product roadmap, and then evaluating how NXTurn must adapt its business. More specifically, SuiteWorld spurs McGee and his team to take a fresh look at their consulting approach by building their focus on new developments and being able to advise clients on future considerations to be aware of.

But where NXTurn may generate the greatest value from its SuiteWorld experiences is in the contacts it makes with other attendees.

"I believe that is a key component of the conference," McGee said. "It makes the conference a lot more fun also. It's nice to return and spend time with the contacts you have built relationships with but don’t get to see too often."

McGee's advice along those lines mirrors the approach both NetSuite and NXTurn have taken to building their businesses: divide and conquer. In other words, just as NXTurn first established management and expertise across broad areas of NetSuite and then worked to deepen its expertise in the most promising areas, leveraging SuiteWorld to broaden your reach and deepen your knowledge will pay off after the conference.

Said McGee: "Connect with others to strengthen your network and find good partnerships to compliment what you are not strong in."

Prepare to get the most out of your SuiteWorld experience, get all the details at the SuiteWorld website(opens in new tab).

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