Partners Leverage Cloud ERP to Solve Industry-Specific Business Problems

March 25, 2014

Posted by Amede Hungerford, Vice President of Marketing at NetSuite

In today’s complex business world, mid-sized and even small firms often need enterprise software that is customized to their unique business needs and processes. Fortunately, the increasing sophistication of cloud(opens in new tab)-based ERP(opens in new tab) solutions like NetSuite means that even small companies can afford to have an enterprise system tailored to their exact requirements.

In fact, NetSuite’s Solution Provider (opens in new tab)and Systems Integrator partners provide customization services for companies of all sizes and business needs. “We’ve developed specific add-ons for property management companies,” notes Martin Evangelista, managing director at CloudTech(opens in new tab), a cloud software and services provider in the Philippines that has customized NetSuite for sugar mills and property management firms, among others. “Because of the flexibility of the NetSuite platform, we’re able to extend it and accommodate industry-specific features and functions.

“We have a product specifically for sugar milling, which sounds quite odd but the Philippines is an agricultural country so we extended the system to address industry specific practices,” he said, adding that CloudTech did similar work for a flour milling company.

The NetSuite SuiteCloud platform has four easy-to-use developer tools specifically for customizing NetSuite: SuiteScript for creating flexible business logic tailored to specific business needs; SuiteBuilder for configuring forms, fields and records within your NetSuite application; SuiteTalk for web services integration between NetSuite and other third-party applications; and SuiteFlow for creating new business process flows or customizing and automating existing ones. In addition to the customization tools, there are add-on apps available on the SuiteCloud Developer Network, many tailored for vertical business needs.

NetSuite’s partners have customized NetSuite for all sorts of businesses. Epiphany(opens in new tab), a software developer and NetSuite Solution Provider, tailored NetSuite for an international restaurant supplier as well as a firm that rents golf carts. The golf cart rental business required adding new business processes for tracking cart maintenance and repairs for 20,000 golf carts.

For NetSuite Solution Provider partners, being able to configure business management software to keep up with ever-changing client needs is critical to ensuring future revenues. As Andrew Peddie, managing director for First Hosted Ltd., an IT consulting firm and cloud software provider in the U.K., notes, clients will continue to stay with his company as long as they get the functionality and service they need.

“If we customise the solution, deploy effectively and maintain that client satisfaction, then over time the recurring revenue from growing and successful clients become increasingly valuable to our business,” said Peddie.

Being a specialist at NetSuite customization is, in fact, a very good market to be in, according to Hector Garcia, president of Netsoft(opens in new tab) in Mexico. “By working with one product, we’re more specialized and by being specialized, have less competition. We invest in what we’re doing, give customers better service, and they rely on us more.”

To hear more about how NetSuite’s customization abilities are helping partners to solve their customers’ challenges, watch this video:

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