Oracle NetSuite Social Impact Patient Care at Hospitals

August 12, 2019

When AyurVAID Hospitals(opens in new tab) in India needed help implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to monitor and manage its patient relationships, Oracle NetSuite Social Impact set(opens in new tab) them up with a donation of NetSuite software as well as pro bono support from Oracle NetSuite employees through the Suite Pro Bono program. This program brings employees together with Social Impact customers so they can use the cloud software more efficiently.

AyerVAID Hospitals is a chain of nationally-certified hospitals in India that practice Ayurvedic medicine(opens in new tab), treating both low- and upper income patients with the philosophy that a healthy diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine can treat the root causes of many common diseases. As part of that philosophy, the hospital strives to maintain a close relationship with patients and wanted to implement a system that could track a patient throughout his or her lifecycle of treatments, from evaluation and tests to long term therapy.

The hospital's founder and CEO, Rajiv Vasudevan, decided to implement a CRM system that could provide an integrated view of patient data, but one that also had the security they needed to keep patient records protected. Vasudevan heard about the Oracle NetSuite Social Impact program, which provides software donations and discounts to non-profit organizations and social enterprises AyerVAID uses NetSuite for its patient tracking and, soon after going live, the organization worked with their Suite Pro Bono team.

The Suite Pro Bono team assigned to work with AyurVAID, worked virtually from their offices in Singapore and Australia, to customize NetSuite's CRM capabilities for in-patient care and help to create custom dashboards, online forms, and alerts for patients checking into the hospitals. The employees also partnered with the organization to set up email blasts, email templates, and reports for tracking the results of outbound marketing campaigns.

As on-going pro bono work continues between the Social Impact team and the organization, the next step will be to work to automate the integration of forms and create a workflow to transfer patient information between hospitals.

The mission of the Oracle NetSuite Social Impact program is to support the success of nonprofits globally through the power of cloud technology. They offer product donations and discounts, pro bono services and capacity building to support organizations of all sizes in growing their mission.

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