New User Enablement Program Helps Customers Get More Out of NetSuite

Susan Merriman, Director Worldwide User Enablement, NetSuite

October 19, 2015

The ROI of User Enablement

Most NetSuite customers can agree that user training is great, but the real question is how it can help to drive impact in your business. We encourage NetSuite customers to consider a few key questions to quantify the value of training, including:

  • Faster projects and processes. How much faster can a NetSuite-trained employee complete a project compared to an untrained worker? What would the impact be, especially with customer-facing projects.
  • Reduced support calls. How much would productivity improve for both your administrative/operational employees and support staff if support calls were reduced?
  • Better customer service. How much could you elevate customer service through a workforce that’s fully skilled in utilizing the rich functionality of your core business platform?
  • Greater innovation. How much more effective could a trained employee be in helping to innovate? Would they be able to improve business processes and models?

When a company chooses NetSuite as its cloud(opens in new tab) business management platform, it can bring a wealth of benefits including quick deployment, increased visibility into business operations, flexibility to grow globally, IT cost savings and more. In order to achieve some of these benefits, you need to not only have completed a successful NetSuite implementation, but provide your staff with the proper training that will empower them to leverage the platform to its full potential.

In order to support our customer success, NetSuite is significantly expanding our training programs with new offerings and new focus areas, moving beyond periodic one-off training to offer continuous user enablement that spans from pre-implementation and implementation instruction to ongoing learnings and advanced courses.

By launching our new and improved user enablement program, we are building out our offerings to meet the rising demand for top-caliber continuous education that generates long-term value.

Some new user-centric programs available now or coming soon include:

  • Custom user enablement. NetSuite’s customer-specific offerings now go far beyond the highly personalized pre-go-live training that users depend on for a successful launch. Solutions include customized elearning videos, refresher or reporting sessions, and dedicated deep dive sessions tailored to the topics your team needs to advance their productivity and make the most of new features.
  • New e-learning tutorials. In 2016, we will be launching a new library of on-demand video tutorials oriented around specific tasks, processes and roles. This subscription-based offering will build on our free SuiteAnswers videos with greater detail, use cases and hands-on interactivity. With e-learning tutorials, customers are equipped to quickly ramp up new users anywhere and anytime.
  • New vertical learnings. NetSuite is tailoring training by industries such as manufacturing(opens in new tab), distribution, retail(opens in new tab) and omnichannel commerce, software and high tech, and professional services(opens in new tab). Course offerings will deliver practical how-to guidance in making the most of functionality in NetSuite’s industry-specific solutions, such as revenue recognition in software or assembly build workflows in manufacturing.
  • Self-Study Annual Pass. The new Self-Study Single User Annual Pass(opens in new tab) offers you unlimited online access to all of NetSuite's publicly offered courses for one annual fee. The self-study annual pass gives a single user on-demand access to expert-led learning, recorded presentations, student workbooks with hands-on exercises, and access to training demo accounts so you can practice what you have learned.

If you are interested in learning more about our updated program, visit NetSuite’s User Enablement Program page at or contact Kerman Camacho, your NetSuite Education Advisor at:

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