NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform 2023 Release 1 Expands Integration, Customization Capabilities

Erik Klein, Manager of Outbound Product Management

January 18, 2023

SuiteCloud Platform adds new features in Sneak Peek 2023 Release 1 to the Visual Studio Code Extension and other capabilities, including new REST records and support for Java 17

SuiteCloud provides powerful platform tools and technologies for customizing, integrating, extending, and managing your NetSuite Account. Created for software developers and technical administrators, SuiteCloud is used by thousands of customers to tailor their accounts to get the most value from the Suite. 

In NetSuite 2023 Release 1, we’re delivering a range of enhancements that make it easier to build and manage customizations, integrate with your other applications, and leverage the most recent capabilities available from the Java platform. 

SuiteTalk Web Services Brings New REST Records 

We are pleased to announce the addition of eight new standard REST records that will help customers use SuiteTalk REST Web Services to more fully integrate their NetSuite accounts with external systems and applications.  

The new REST records for NetSuite 2023 Release 1 include: 

  • Vendor return authorization
  • Deposit
  • Customer payment
  • Item group
  • Description item
  • Fulfillment request
  • Non-inventory purchase item
  • Non-inventory resale item 

Please refer to Help Center documentation(opens in new tab). These new records are also fully documented in the REST API Browser(opens in new tab)

 What’s New In the SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

SuiteCloud project validation. From within VS Code, developers are now able to leverage the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) to perform server-side validation of custom code modules to detect errors, prior to project deployment. The validation process ensures that all project assets, including manifest, configuration, scripts, objects, dependencies, account settings, and more, are correctly defined and return actionable console messages if errors are detected.


Import custom record instances from account. Developers may need access to new or modified custom record instances defined within production and test accounts. Prior to this release, getting the XML definition of each instance involved a manual download process. With 23.1, SuiteCloud users can directly access all custom record instances from the VS Code-based development environment.

The SuiteCloud CLI for Node.js also supports the ability to access custom record instances within NetSuite accounts, providing equivalent functionality for both the Node CLI and VS Code environments, which can be used together.

Compare local files and account files. When working with files in a local development environment, it may be necessary to identify and resolve differences between the local instance and the one that exists within a target account. VS Code now supports the ability to easily identify variations within an intuitive UI that highlights the exact differences, displayed in a split-editor view for easy comparison.

Manage accounts and authIDs. In this release, we’ve added the ability to define and manipulate authID fields, such as account name, user role, and URL, using VS Code. These parameters can be queried and updated directly by developers from within their local environments, making it easier to work with critical authentication data throughout the software lifecycle.

SuiteCloud IDE Eclipse Plug-In

The SuiteCloud IDE plug-in for Eclipse will continue to be supported in NetSuite 2023 Release 1. However, the plug-in will no longer be updated with new features. We recommend that users transition from Eclipse to the SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code(opens in new tab) or the SuiteCloud IDE Plug-In for WebStorm(opens in new tab).

SuiteCloud CLI Java Version

In this release, SuiteCloud CLI adds support for Java 17 and Oracle JDK Version 17 to maintain compliance with the latest Java standards when building applications managing SDF projects.

Discover How NetSuite 2023 Release 1 Can Help You

For more information on the full list of features and how to use them, check out the release notes.(opens in new tab)

Most importantly, don't forget to request your Release Preview test account(opens in new tab) for hands-on access to see how new features will work with your data, workflows, and customizations.

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