NetSuite OneWorld Wins Cloud ERP Product of the Year

Mark Woodhams, NetSuite EMEA Managing Director

April 5, 2017

NetSuite OneWorld was awarded ‘Cloud ERP Product of the Year’ at the UK cloud awards, the latest in a long series of awards.

Awards like this are significant because they reflect both product and customer excellence. As a cloud company we have to excel in both in order to excel and maintain astonishingly high standards to continue to grow and lead the market.

The Cloud ERP Product of the Year was judged on the level of innovation in the recent releases product – we make two major releases a year and, because NetSuite is a true cloud product, every one of our 40,000 user organisations gets access to the new functionality right away. No need for painful upgrades or re-implementations.

We were also asked for quotes and references from customers. For us, this is tough – we have so many great customers who are innovating in their businesses and markets.

One example which we put forward was Paul Edwick, CEO of Lucy Locket. A small family-owned B2C and B2B merchant of children’s costumes and accessories, the company has expanded across three continents to become a global, omnichannel commerce(opens in new tab) business, all run on NetSuite OneWorld, from the UK. Edwick said:

“The beauty of NetSuite is that, in our B2C internet business, we can account for transactions across all time zones, passing transactions through our network of subsidiaries working in multiple currencies and languages in a fully automated way knowing that we are compliant with accounting and tax authorities around the globe, whilst, at the same time, driving maximum efficiency in our inventory investment, instructing third-party logistics firms and communicating with customers about delivery information on a real time basis.”

Another customer was DWA, an international digital marketing agency with locations across the world. COO Patrick Knight said:

"Implementing NetSuite has allowed us to quickly expand and grow our business. Consolidating all our global accounting systems with NetSuite has enabled our finance department to spend less time on reporting and be more effective and efficient. As NetSuite is cloud-based, our entire team can access and analyse a single version of the truth quickly anywhere and at any time."

Such stories, just two of thousands that our users can tell, are the key to our success, both in awards but also in the market. Little wonder that NetSuite, now a global business unit within Oracle, continues to lead the market.

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