NetSuite LCS, ACS Help Customers Realize Full Value of Suite, Increase ROI

Ian McCue, Senior Content Marketing Manager

October 31, 2022

The focus of an ERP project is often a successful go-live and all the work required beforehand to make that happen. In reality, getting up and running is just the start of the journey. There is always room for continued improvement and optimization in the months and years that follow, but that necessitates a deeper understanding of the system.

It's during that post-go-live period that NetSuite customers can derive tremendous value from Learning Cloud Support (LCS)(opens in new tab) and Advanced Customer Support (ACS),(opens in new tab) two distinct services that help thousands of customers increase their return on investment. NetSuite VP of Education Services and Customer Success Reg Singh and Nat Rosenthal, NetSuite VP of professional services, explained more about these offerings and how they help customers during a NetSuite TV segment.

Variety of Education Options

LCS is a subscription to a variety of educational services, including thousands of hours of self-paced courses, LCS Live events like webinars and in-person classes led by instructors, tutorials, and one-on-one consultations with education advisers. 

ACS is a managed service that acts as an on-demand NetSuite resource for subscribers. The ACS team helps customers take advantage of new functionality, customize their system, and prepare for major changes like international expansion, all at a far lower cost than a full-time employee with comparable knowledge.

Singh explained that LCS can ease change management challenges by providing guidance on and answering questions about how NetSuite works. This is crucial in the days and weeks following go-live because it increases adoption and use of the new system. 

Three customers detailed the benefits they’ve seen firsthand with LCS and ACS during a SuiteWorld innovation keynote led by Singh and Rosenthal titled “New(ish) to NetSuite? Here Are Your Keys to Success.”

“All of them talked about this concept of time to value and how critical it was for them with a system like NetSuite to kind of drive towards value in a short amount of time,” Singh said of the keynote. “They really leveraged services like ACS and LCS and the power of that together to educate themselves about what NetSuite does, how do they take advantage of more of the features and benefits, and then the hands-on approach that ACS brings to help them drive some of that execution.”

These customers also shared that LCS has helped them understand where they have room for improvement and then how the system can assist them in delivering on those goals.

“They kind of approach education as a way to arm themselves and arm the users with the foundation on which they can learn how they can do more,” Singh said.

The new “ACS NSpection” is another way to help users understand how they can get more out of NetSuite, Rosenthal said. The NSpection is a one-page report breaking down system performance, user engagement, business growth, and recommendations unique to the business and its use of NetSuite. All those who attended SuiteWorld in-person or virtually On Air can get a free NSpection and a 25% discount on their first year of ACS if they sign up by Nov. 30, 2022.  

“You've made an investment, so we make an investment back in you,” Rosenthal said. “So this is an opportunity to take a look at what's your performance like, where can we help that? How much of what you bought are you using?

“It shows you not only where you are, but what it takes to get to the next level. And so you can have a real business conversation — not a software conversation, but a business conversation — that shows you how to get the most out of NetSuite.”

Learn more about NetSuite ACS(opens in new tab) and NetSuite LCS(opens in new tab). Get in touch with your account manager for more information on plans and pricing.


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