NetSuite and the America's Cup: A Firsthand Report

December 11, 2013

For the third straight America's Cup competition season and the eighth year running, BMW Oracle Racing (BOR) used NetSuite's powerful solution(opens in new tab) for accounting, expense and payables management, international tax compliance, reporting, employee records, and multi-currency(opens in new tab) management. NetSuite employee Matt Leary gives us this firsthand account from the 33rd America's Cup, which ended on March 14 with BOR's victory. 

After working with NetSuite customer BMW Oracle Racing (BOR) for five years, I was excited to have the opportunity to visit the setting of the 33rd America’s Cup competition between challenger BOR and the Cup holder Alinghi. The generous people of Spain provided a stunning setting: the port of Valencia, which houses the home base facilities of BOR and Alinghi. While I was there, I also visited the America’s Cup building, which takes visitors on a tour of the history of the world’s longest-running competition.

When I actually saw BOR’s trimaran USA, I understood what an amazing deployment of technology it was. (The photo above shows the boat at dawn.) The vessel’s innovative “wing” was clearly visible above the cranes and other vessels in this busy port as we approached in the “friends-and-family” buses. Her power and grace was evident to all attending the dock-out ceremony where the boat is readied for the race, and the crew is introduced to great fanfare and boards the ship.  I spoke briefly with the team doctor that morning and his enthusiasm was evidence that the crew was excited to engage with their unique application of technology and excellence.

After the dock-out, we were whisked back to the base facility for a morning of education about the Cup and BOR’s legendary preparations to bring it back to the United States. The hospitality of the BOR team, including my hosts Scott Hollingsworth and Rob Colegate, ensured that we were able to enjoy the race and take home a very memorable moment in this legendary competition. That BOR was able to prove its ascendancy in conditions that were purported to favor Alinghi—sweeping past the Swiss defender in a 2-0 victory—made this an overwhelming experience I’ll never forget.

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