NetSuite 2021 Release 1 Provides Improved Localization Capabilities, REST Monitoring and Workbook Features for SuiteCloud Platform and SuiteAnalytics – Sneak Peek

February 5, 2021

NetSuite delivers two major releases each year that are not just limited to the core application. Because NetSuite customers often need to customize the suite to meet specific requirements, SuiteCloud Platform and SuiteAnalytics also receive regular enhancements.

In NetSuite 2021 Release 1, NetSuite continues to make it easier for customers and partners to customize the suite, build applications and gain insights into operational data with new localization capabilities for international organizations. Examples include improved support for REST-based web service-based integrations and reporting features that deliver greater insights and improved usability for Workbooks.

SuiteCloud Platform Highlights for NetSuite 2021 Release 1

  • Building upon existing Platform capabilities, new internationalization and localization tools and processes make the NetSuite user and administrator experience feel local for global businesses operating in any country. In this release, NetSuite introduced native language support for SuiteAnalytics Workbooks, letting users analyze and explore business data and associated workbook fields in their language of choice.

    This initial feature set includes a wide range of fields that can be localized, such as workbook name, description and common commands like “Save As.” The workbook user interface provides additional editable fields, such as pivot and chart tab names, chart title, pivot table fields, x/y-axis names, filter values and others outlined in the Help documentation.

    NetSuite has also extended support for analytics development and automation efforts through new internationalization functionality available in the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), SuiteTalk integration, workbook APIs and SuiteSuccess editions.
  • Administrators and operations teams can now deploy new Application Performance Management (APM) dashboards that monitor and analyze the health of REST web services-based integrations running in your NetSuite accounts.

    These dashboards provide at-a-glance summary views of REST integration performance and, like other APM tools, allow you to drill down to examine specific metrics of interest to perform root cause analysis and identify bottlenecks or other underlying issues affecting data integration.


  • NetSuite has enhanced support for REST web services through the exposure of a comprehensive list of standard record types, promoting wider adoption of REST services and APIs to support integration and data interoperability. 

    A significant number of new standard records previously in beta status are now available in production, so that developers can deploy REST-based integrations with confidence. These include records that are core to most businesses – sales order, invoice, customer and many others.
  • SuiteScript APIs are now more powerful and easier to use for application development and account customization projects. Developers can now securely manage authentication information such as passwords for SuiteApps and custom integrations with the new secrets management feature set, which provides the ability to store and retrieve any encrypted secret used by custom scripts, making them more secure.

    With the same look and feel as existing certificates and key management functionality, secrets management uses an integrated permissions model. It is fully supported in SDF and selected SuiteScript APIs, and leverages system notes for auditability.
  • In addition to API enhancements, the SuiteScript language continues to evolve with new JavaScript capabilities for building SuiteApps and customizations. Developers are now able to work with significantly larger data sets by virtue of asynchronous coding techniques that take advantage of server-side promises and non-blocking I/O enhancements to APIs and query technology.

    Developers can test and debug applications without leaving the browser context using native Chrome debugger support for SuiteScript. That includes added support for user event scripts, Suitelets and scheduled scripts. NetSuite has also improved script deployment workflows with the ability to upload SuiteScript 2.1 client scripts directly to the file cabinet.
  • Finally, the SDF continues to deliver new options for improving developer productivity and support for SuiteCloud Platform feature sets. In this release, developers gain additional control over custom script and SuiteApp deployment patterns

    New options for managing preferences for applications and scripts expressed as XML lets teams specify whether previously deployed scripts should be overwritten or preserved during application updates. Developers can also define default behaviors for all scripts that deploy with each SuiteApp, and it’s now possible to specify granular deployment preferences for individual scripts.

SuiteAnalytics Highlights for NetSuite 2021 Release 1

  • With new Conditional color formatting functionality, users can highlight Workbook pivot tables or table cells with colors based on numeric values defined for specific cells and ranges. This helps call attention to important data points such as deadlines, at-risk tasks or budget items and also makes large data sets more digestible by visually organizing data within large tables by color.

  • New Calculated measures functionality supports date filtering within pivot tables, letting users see results from two periods side-by-side and conduct comparitive analysis faster and with more confidence. The feature is enabled within the Workbook UI in every pivot table as a property of each date field added into a pivot layout.

These are just the highlights. There's even more available in this release for NetSuite users than can be covered in a single blog. For detailed information about the complete list of new NetSuite 2021 Release 1 features, please be sure to read the release notes(opens in new tab). And if you’re new to the release process, learn more in SuiteAnswers(opens in new tab).

Most importantly, don’t forget to request access to your Release Preview(opens in new tab) test account. Nothing substitutes for getting to test how all the new features will work with your data, workflows and customizations.

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