How NetSuite Helps MANA Nutrition Feed More Starving Children

Kendall Fisher, Global Video and Podcast Producer/Host

January 15, 2020

As we head into the first full week of 2020, many of us are diving right into our New Year’s resolutions. While health, self-care and rejuvenation are likely at the top of many lists, this time of year always tends to re-open our drive to give back, too.

NetSuite’s year-round goal is to do good, better, and working with a myriad of incredible social impact organizations only opens our eyes to the countless opportunities in which that’s possible. 

For example, MANA Nutrition is one of the nonprofits we’ve had the honor of partnering with since 2011. The organization produces ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) for children suffering from severe acute malnutrition all over the globe. To put that in perspective, nearly three million children are impacted by this disease every year. 

MANA Nutrition is changing that. 

On this episode of “The NetSuite Podcast,” we sat down with the MANA’s CFO, Chris Whitfield, to find out how NetSuite helps the organization fuel that important mission with the help of better, more efficient processes, seamless financial and operational communication, and visibility and control over quality and traceability.

To hear MANA Nutrition’s full success story, listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts(opens in new tab), Soundcloud(opens in new tab) or YouTube(opens in new tab).

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