Even Cloud Software Needs Change Management to Ensure User Confidence, Sustained ROI

Samantha Saarm, Change Management Practice Manager, NetSuite

November 10, 2016

In choosing cloud-based software(opens in new tab), a driving factor for many is the avoidance of time and resource-consuming implementations that on-premise solutions are notorious for. But the cloud’s ease of deployment can sometimes obscure the need for change management. It’s tempting to think that because a cloud implementation isn’t nearly as disruptive to businesses as an on-premise project, the launch itself will run on autopilot. But even with all of the ease associated with the cloud, we must not forget, it’s still a technology project. And any technology project is a change management event.

To ease this transition for our customers, NetSuite is launching a new change management service(opens in new tab) specifically focused on the unique challenges of ensuring broad user adoption of cloud-based software. We’re the first in the industry to provide a change management service designed with best practices that have been honed through our years of experience in industry-leading cloud deployments. With our team’s assistance, users will be excited about NetSuite even before they open it for the first time. The program also offers significant benefits for existing customers, particularly those going through growth periods, acquisitions or spin offs and business model changes.

Benefits of NetSuite Change Management

Strong change management(opens in new tab) motivates people to leverage technology to help their business vision become reality. We start by building an awareness of why the transition will occur and partner with client leadership to set the stage for change. This creates a positive transformation culture where both leaders and employees can become enthusiastic drivers for the change.

“NetSuite has developed the first Cloud change management solution that is designed for customers of all sizes and budgets. So whether you are just starting out with our software or using it to scale your company’s growth, we have a solution that fits.”

Susan Merriman
Director, Worldwide User Enablement

Not only will this ensure the right people are engaged to streamline the implementation, but with a deep understanding of, and vested interest in, maximizing the capabilities of the software, users can hit the ground running, creating faster time to value. Strong buy-in from users from the point of go-live also increases the likelihood of sustained adoption, which makes users more productive as they continue to find increased efficiencies in the system.

For experienced NetSuite customers, change management can be especially beneficial during high-growth periods. As they’re onboarding more users, many times across multiple divisions and geographies, distance increases the difficulty in sharing the vision for technology innovation. It can no longer be communicated by packing the entire team into a conference room for a whiteboard session. With specialized services targeted for these situations, growth can be as seamless as extending the NetSuite software to facilitate it.

Frequently Asked Questions about NetSuite Change Management

Trying to decide whether this new offering is for you? Let’s examine a few questions you may have.

When should I bring in NetSuite Change Management? 

Ideally, in a new implementation, start in the beginning so that change management initiatives can be applied through the entire implementation timeline. That said, we do have strategies and approaches available for the 11th hour that can reduce implementation headaches in the long run.

I’m a long-term customer, but I think I need help. When is the best time to bring you in? 

In addition to on-boarding new users or geographies during high growth periods, change management services are ideal when implementing a new module, acquiring another company or integrating third-party software.

What’s different about NetSuite Change Management vs. that offered through other firms? 

NetSuite Change Management is carefully designed from best practices honed from our years’ of experience implementing the cloud software across 30,000 organizations. With careful coordination with NetSuite Professional Services, we ensure our change management initiatives are timely and meet our customer’s individual needs. All deliverables and initiatives align with the project plan, and are designed to complement milestones within the implementation. Lastly, we have unique change management offerings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Can you partner with our existing Systems Integrator? 

We’ve adopted a flexible approach, and are happy to explore various options for partnering, ranging from support to managing the entire change workstream.

Does the approach differ by company size? 

NetSuite will tailor the change management package to the needs and size of the company, designed specifically for your industry. For large companies, we recommend a strong on-site presence and close coordination with the NetSuite implementation team. For mid-market companies, we offer a set of pre-packaged templates and tools, along with some on-site services. For emerging customers (5-50 end users), we lean heavily on virtual involvement through pre-packaged templates and tools derived from best practices.

What does it cost? 

For new customer implementations, the cost is based on a percentage of estimated hours required to configure NetSuite. For our existing customers, the estimate is an hourly rate and number of consulting hours based on the type of change being addressed.

Let’s Get Started

With a deep sense of ownership for the technology, employees will leverage it to empower their roles and come to see change as a positive experience for both themselves and the larger organization. Whether you’re a new customer or experienced veteran, robust change management practices can ensure your technology is a catalyst for innovation and maximizing your ROI. Transform your business as you’re transforming your technology. For more information on this new, first-of-its-kind offering click here: http://www.netsuite.com/changemanagement(opens in new tab).

NetSuite has packaged the experience gained from tens of thousands of worldwide deployments over two decades into a set of leading practices that pave a clear path to success and are proven to deliver rapid business value. With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there's continuity from sales to services to support.