Digital Signatures Sweeten Cloud ERP

December 10, 2013

The cloud has helped to revolutionize ERP, providing scalability, flexibility and rapid deployment for businesses of all sizes, but many companies still face a hiccup amidst all this digital automation – the ‘wet ink’ signature.

Quotes, contracts, and all sorts of documents central to business operations still demand the old fashioned John Hancock, requiring everything from FedEx to messengers to fax to even USPS mail. However, with the DocuSign for NetSuite SuiteApp(opens in new tab), NetSuite customers can send out documents for signature from within the NetSuite environment, in any Opportunity, Estimate (Quote), or Customer Object.  Recipients receive an email alert and can DocuSign a document from any browser, including mobile devices. DocuSigning allows senders to track the status of envelopes, automate workflows to save time and do additional customization with a full set of APIs. In the fast-paced world of business in the cloud, waiting for a signature can mean a huge difference in agility, decision-making and the bottom line.

Built on the SuiteCloud Developer Network(opens in new tab), DocuSign for NetSuite, was recently verified under the Built for NetSuite(opens in new tab) program, meaning customers can rest assured the DocuSign application has met new NetSuite standards and best practices of development.

For folks in Silicon Valley, the NetSuite-DocuSign partnership is now on display via billboard on the 101 North. Take a look next time you’re stuck in traffic. For more on our partnership, visit our online app marketplace(opens in new tab) to find ways to extend your NetSuite investment.

- Barney Beal(opens in new tab), Content Editor, NetSuite

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