Create Customized and Attractive PDF and HTML NetSuite Documents in Any Language

January 13, 2021

To better serve its growing worldwide customer base, NetSuite has recently rolled out new features for international businesses, including the ability to design and print compelling, highly customized HTML and PDF documents, such as invoices, sales orders and more, in over 20 languages. The SuiteCloud product team has also improved the process for localizing content within printed documents.

With the new translation collections feature, customers can more efficiently create NetSuite customizations and applications in any supported language. Translation collections allow you to create, store and export groups of strings (words in their base or native language) associated with their translated equivalents as key / value pairs in a file. This and other SuiteCloud globalization features like country-specific standards for currency and field formatting give you the ability to define experiences that feel local regardless of the country or region where users live and work.

Here are several key benefits of managed translations and advanced printing:

  • Provides a central repository of translatable text strings, making it easy to manage localization workflows either in-house, or optionally when working with third-party translation service providers.
  • Works seamlessly with advanced PDF/HTML templates to customize layouts and achieve a high-quality, professional appearance for any document that you email or print.
  • Enables data exchange workflows based on standard XLIFF files that can easily be imported into collections.
  • Delivers a flexible and scalable solution for organizing translations, as each collection can contain up to 1,000 individual terms.
  • Identifies each string with a unique key referenceable by custom scripts, eliminating the need to include the actual strings within scripts and SuiteApps.
  • Integrates with the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), giving organizations the ability to easily publish localized SuiteApps and customizations to any account.

It’s now possible to manage translated content from a central location and make it available wherever it’s needed. For example, when your organization rolls out new or updated customizations and SuiteApps to businesses across multiple geographies. Or when adding a new international location such as a remote sales office with users who need to work with documents like sales orders and invoices in their native language.

And not only can you include translated strings within PDF or HTML documents, but you have access to powerful features such as a visual form design tool to create the exact look and feel you want for any output you create.  This is supplemented with a wide range of formatting options, embedded expressions, and even script-level controls to ensure every document appears exactly as it needs to, and the way your customers and partners expect. 

Localized strings can be specified for all your printouts, so you'll no longer have to switch out all of your template content by language. Simply retrieve a string from your collection and let NetSuite correctly automate language selection. The translated text instantly becomes part of your document. You can even specify dynamic parameters, like title, name or amount that insert data automatically into their proper locations. To change the language version from the current locale to a different one, just switch to the target locale whenever you output the collection string.

Translation collections combined with advanced printing makes it easy to design and share creative and impactful documents in any language, helping your production processes become more efficient.

Learn more in the Translation Collections Overview (NetSuite login required)(opens in new tab).

Example of a customized, branded Invoice based on the standard Invoice template

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