Cloud ERP Takes Explore Consulting on a Journey from Customer to Pioneer to Leader

August 20, 2014

 Posted by Amede Hungerford, VP for Marketing, NetSuite

Way back in 2001, when the term “cloud(opens in new tab)” stood for nothing more than condensed water vapor, Explore Consulting selected NetSuite as its financial accounting solution. The benefits Explore was achieving with NetSuite—painless automatic updates, anytime, anywhere access for remote employees, instant visibility into critical business information—triggered an idea for the firm’s founders. Why not bring the SaaS(opens in new tab) benefits they were realizing to small and mid-sized businesses while providing the services necessary to extend and customize the solution?

Now, after 12 years as a NetSuite Solution Provider, Explore is the largest NetSuite reseller and solution provider in the Northwestern U.S. The company has engaged over 800 customers, built 14 SuiteApps, and increased NetSuite license sales by 100% every year since 2009. A pioneer in cloud ERP, Explore is now a leading reseller, recently named NetSuite’s 2014 Americas Solution Provider Partner of the Year. It has reached that level of success running its own business on NetSuite, and developing expertise at customizing, extending and integrating NetSuite's cloud-based business management software for its unique customers in industries such as wholesale distribution, software, and services.

“NetSuite accommodates 80 to 90 percent of what customers need. But it’s very common for a customer to need more, so we’ve built many solutions to extend NetSuite and NetSuite has given us lots of ways to do it,” said Steve Jones, CEO of Explore Consulting.

NetSuite’s flexible SuiteCloud Development Platform(opens in new tab) has been a major resource for Explore’s success extending NetSuite to meet its customers’ specific industry needs. SuiteScript, a JavaScript-based scripting solution that enables developers to build new applications, processes and business rules, is a key NetSuite function that enables customization.

"Customization and extensibility with NetSuite is really one of the big reasons we got involved. We were the first partner to build a real-time integration to NetSuite many years ago, and we built an integration platform for NetSuite coming out of that engagement," said Jones. "NetSuite has been excellent about constantly enhancing the openness and flexibility of the platform, which only makes our jobs easier.”

By choosing to lead as a NetSuite Solution Provider partner, Explore has established an incredibly successful business around delivering cloud-based business solutions to their customers. Learn more about Explore Consulting(opens in new tab)’s fourteen years of success with NetSuite in this video:


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