The Power of Ecommerce

December 11, 2013

I can hear you thinking, "With a headline like that, what’s next… is he going to tell us about the power of the Internet and the magic of jet airplanes?"

Actually, the headline is only half the story. The other half is, “…when connected to underlying business applications.” Imagine ecommerce as part and core of your ERP, CRM and even supply chain management applications and processes. Imagine being able to see the full customer lifecycle and ecommerce seamlessly triggering order and fulfillment, driving your inventory replenishment and updating your financials.

Ecommerce was the original “killer app” at the turn of the century, but today is ecommerce is poised for new phase of greater efficiency, productivity and business opportunity. Consider that manufacturing companies(opens in new tab), distribution companies(opens in new tab) and e-businesses of all sorts are not only selling things on the web, but managing and integrating their entire business with a full lifecycle view of the customer—from initial contact to acquisition to sale, then add-on sales of products and services, to maintenance, service and replacement of products. All while delivering tangible value to customers, partners and suppliers, and of course to the business’s own stakeholders— employees, management and investors.

The promise of this seamless collaboration has existed for a long time but like the Three Stooges, no amount of “good intentions” can make it work. What’s needed is a robust, flexible and scalable solution, ready today(opens in new tab), handling warehouse inventory, manufacturing planning and sales forecasts while engaging with customers, partners and suppliers anywhere and anytime, through any channel.

Commerce as a Service(opens in new tab) is here and it is changing how business is done.

-Roman Bukary

GM, Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Industries

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