SuiteWorld 2014 Sneak Peek: Managing Subscriptions and Recurring Billing in High Tech Companies

April 28, 2014

Cloud-based software companies(opens in new tab) charge their customers differently than traditional licensed software firms, and they need to account for those charges and payments differently as well. How different are the two types of payments? The menu of monthly charges and one-time fees vary based on the number of software components, storage capacity, customization work, management services and add-on tools the customer wants. At the same time, the cloud-based company must constantly look for opportunities to up sell customers on additional services or features, which then changes the customer's payments mid-contract.

At NetSuite's upcoming SuiteWorld 2014 in San Jose, industry and NetSuite experts speaking on "Recurring Billing and Subscription Management for High Tech Companies" will explain how SaaS(opens in new tab) companies successfully manage the billing and subscription management complexity that is inherent in the world of recurring revenue. Analyst and entrepreneur Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal of Beagle Research, will open the session with an overview of the growing trend to move away from traditional, one-time payment business models to the subscription model, and will discuss the things executives need to know to take advantage of this trend.

The seminar will also provide an explanation and live demonstration of the most common types of subscription management and billing situations, from the simplest to the most complex, using NetSuite's recurring billing capabilities to illustrate how they should be handled.

If your technology company has just made the switch to a subscription model, or is getting ready to, you need to hear what Pombriant and NetSuite's recurring billing experts have to say about subscription billing management. Shed light on this profitable, but often confusing, business model at NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014(opens in new tab) May 12-15.

Want to learn what else we have in store for software companies at SuiteWorld 2014? Check out our Software Industry session line-up(opens in new tab).

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