NetSuite Advances Customer Experience Functionality with New B2B Self-Service Portal

Austin Caldwell, Product Marketing Director

October 27, 2020

NetSuite announced and demonstrated some of its new unified customer experience management (CX) initiatives recently during a virtual event, NetSuite Now On Air. “We understand that creating great customer experiences is more important than ever,” Allison Auclair, NetSuite vice president of product management, said during her product keynote.

The critical part of these efforts is creating a unified customer view. NetSuite pulls together all financial, transactional, inventory and customer service data, which can then be accessed throughout the organization. Businesses can leverage this view across ecommerce, point of sale, sales and marketing channels, and in doing so they can allow customers to interact with the business in any way they want and still receive a rich, personalized experience.

Further, with one system in control of pricing, promotions, inventory availability and order management, companies can provide consistent brand engagement across the customer’s entire journey.

Auclair unveiled the first NetSuite CX-focused offering, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, which is now available. B2B organizations that aren’t ready for the full ecommerce capabilities of SuiteCommerce(opens in new tab) can expand their online presence with SuiteCommerce MyAccount’s self-service customer web portal solution. SuiteCommerce MyAccount helps business buyers save time by taking care of routine tasks online, such as viewing order status, paying invoices, requesting returns or submitting support cases. Companies can easily expand to use the full SuiteCommerce experience whenever they’re ready.

In addition to refining omnichannel commerce capabilities, NetSuite is also enhancing its CRM functionality. Because many sales, marketing and customer service teams are working remotely and interacting with customers virtually, leveraging a unified customer view is more important now than ever.

“We recognize that in addition to great commerce interactions, it’s critical to empower your employees to help create great customer experiences,” Auclair said.

NetSuite CRM already stores many customer data points – everything from purchase history to credit status, and profitability to pricing – but the customer profile will be further enhanced by capturing key website interactions and turning them into actionable insights that businesses can use to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue. All of this rich website behavioral data will be accessible in saved searches, SuiteAnalytics workbooks, workflows and scripting to enable companies to create new business processes like triggering a new lead or personalizing a promotion around specific customer actions.

Auclair said there’s a lot more to come from NetSuite CX: “We are already hard at work designing a next-generation CRM to arm your sales, marketing and service employees with the information they need to be at their best as they engage with your customers.”

To learn more about what NetSuite is doing to help you create unified customer experiences, register or login to watch(opens in new tab) the on-demand ‘Keeping Your Customers Delighted While Managing Challenges & Changes’ product keynote session from NetSuite Now On Air.

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