Retailers, It's Not Too Late to Decorate Your Mobile Checkout for the Holidays

December 2, 2019

By Lauren Naughton, e-commerce producer at BVAccel(opens in new tab)
3-minute read

In short:

  • When holiday promotions and featured products run high, focus all the more on simplifying your mobile cart experience.
  • Hurried mobile shoppers expect convenience and speed, so streamline your payment methods and get rid of popups during the holidays.
  • Geolocation can set your brand apart by customizing in-store pickup options and letting holiday shoppers know exactly when their gifts will arrive.

The holidays have arrived, and you’re ready to decorate your e-commerce cart: automatic discounts, free shipping tiers(opens in new tab) and all the payment options any shopper could ever want.

On desktop, all of those offers fit perfectly under the tree. But on mobile, how can you possibly fit all those presents on a page without overwhelming your consumer? With so little real estate yet so many users on mobile, it’s important to optimize all aspects of the mobile experience. Here are three tips to do so:

1. Make it convenient.

The mobile user is on the go and looking for convenience(opens in new tab), and payment options such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal offer just that.

The first pro tip is to enable your top two converting express payment methods on your mobile inline cart. This will save your mobile users time by allowing them to use their saved payment information. Additionally, during the holiday season when spending is high, consumers often spread out their expenses across different payment platforms. Including two in your inline cart leads to more chances at conversion.

Enable two – and only two – of your highest-converting express payment methods (i.e. Apple Pay and Amazon Pay) on your mobile inline cart.

2. Speed it up.

The mobile user is also expecting a speedy web experience with limited distractions. In the mobile checkout, disable all pop-ups and required account signups. With the limited viewport, any unexpected friction on mobile is likely to lead to an abandoned cart.

Enabling a quick guest checkout experience during the holidays will minimize the steps to conversion and lead to more sales. Email sign-ups and acquisitions are always important, but you should make it optional during this time of year to focus on the bottom line.

Eliminate pop-ups and required signups on mobile during the holidays.

3. Use geolocation for those in a hurry.

One of the main strengths of the mobile experience is geolocation. The mobile user is active, busy and likely last-minute shopping for at least a gift or two. A geolocation feature in your mobile inline cart has the potential to not only increase mobile conversion but also in-store purchases.

Statistics show that during the holidays, a timely delivery date is more enticing than a free one. Offering a local in-store pickup option(opens in new tab) in the mobile cart or exact delivery date options based on location will set your business apart from the rest.

 Use geolocation to offer your mobile shopper in-store pickup or a choice of delivery dates based on their location.


 Wrapping it all up

All in all, the mobile user represents a large percentage of your holiday revenue(opens in new tab), and they expect convenient, fast and distraction-free experiences. Keep your mobile cart efficiently decorated with the recommendations above to enjoy a very merry mobile holiday!

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