SuiteSocial: Instant Enterprise Collaboration

December 11, 2013

Enterprise social and collaborative platforms have been getting a lot of deserved attention lately. NetSuite users should know that a powerful social platform, natively integrated into our user interface, is just a few clicks away. SuiteSocial, available to all NetSuite users as a free SuiteApp installation, introduces collaboration newsfeeds and discussion channels to our cloud(opens in new tab) solution. In the best NetSuite tradition, these capabilities are available and relevant to every seat and role in your enterprise—not just the sales(opens in new tab) or marketing team.

With the gold rush in enterprise social going on, there are a dizzying number of options. The key advantage of SuiteSocial for NetSuite users is the tight and native integration between the collaborative capabilities and your existing NetSuite records. This means that any collaborative discussions and actions that take place through the SuiteSocial interface are clearly and cleanly attached to the relevant record- for example, a customer record, a transaction, or even a custom record. Creating a new data silo for social media limits its effectiveness. Getting out in front of the issue now, and keeping discussions and action tightly integrated with NetSuite records will eliminate the headaches of missed opportunities and lost knowledge down the road.

At the heart of SuiteSocial is the newsfeed, which displays posts made by colleagues or automatically by NetSuite itself. Like many social platforms, it's easy to follow customers, colleagues, and channels (which are like groups or topics.) Where SuiteSocial really shines is in the ability to create automatic subscription rules, which makes it possible to track very particular kinds of activities. For instance, top executives may want to subscribe to all SuiteSocial updates on pipeline deals with a high dollar value. Other roles may wish to track discussion around specific changes in a customer's record, such as a change in the customer's loyalty or satisfaction status. This pairing of enterprise social data and the complete customer record makes SuiteSocial stand out in this competitive space.

In a typical organization, activating SuiteSocial requires a few easy steps taking just minutes. Like all NetSuite features, SuiteSocial is extensible and integrates well with other platforms. A connector between SuiteSocial and Yammer is already available as a free add-on SuiteApp, and delivers SuiteSocial updates to your Yammer activity stream.

The push for a more collaborative enterprise may be coming from your company's C-suite or from front-line staff frustrated by the limitations of email and IM.

Whatever the reason, cooperation is the cornerstone of a successful 21st century business. SuiteSocial brings that power to every NetSuite account with the click of a button.

- Malin Huffman, Principal Product Manager at NetSuite

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