SuiteTraining: Take the Grunt Work Out of Closing the Books

December 11, 2013

While others get ready to rock in the New Year, the accounting(opens in new tab)

department is typically gearing up to lock in the old year by

closing the books for the quarter or the year. NetSuite customers consistently

tell us that saving time closing the books on a monthly, quarterly and yearly

basis is one of the most significant advantages of using our cloud ERP solution.

But if you're new to NetSuite, or simply have never been trained on the ins and

outs of the period close system, you may not know the fastest way through the


We created a SuiteTraining course to ensure that everyone can streamline the

process and take more of the grunt work out of closing the books. The course,

"NetSuite(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

ERP: Period and Year-End Close(opens in new tab)" is offered several times per month.

Beginning in 2013, the course will be offered at times more convenient for our

European and Asia/Pacific customers.

Taught using a demonstration NetSuite OneWorld account, the period close

techniques are equally applicable for companies operating in any country or

business model. Our instructors take you through a guided tour of the Period

Close Checklist, including techniques to incorporate our checklist with your

own internal processes. NetSuite OneWorld users will see how to manage multiple

fiscal calendars cleanly, and all users will gain a better understanding of how

to rapidly close the fiscal period and prevent further changes.

The course is provided as a live, online demonstration, with time allocated

for questions and discussion during and after the course. Attendees will also

receive a student manual summarizing the key takeaways and best practices from

the course.

The Period and Year-End Close course is valued at 2 Accounting credits for Continuing(opens in new tab)

Professional Education (CPE)(opens in new tab) purposes. At just $200 for the two-hour

course, it is one of the best values around for CPE credit, to say nothing of

the time and effort your accounting

department can save by closing the books more rapidly. Find a time that works

for your organization (there are dozens coming up!) by visiting the course(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

schedule(opens in new tab).

You can find our full training schedule at NetSuite SuiteTraining(opens in new tab).

-Dave Schock, Manager, Curriculum Development at Netsuite

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