Philippine University Moves Education to the Cloud with NetSuite SuiteAcademy Program

February 3, 2014

Cloud computing is already changing the IT landscape in the Philippines and university graduates with cloud business experience are well positioned to succeed in the 21st century job market.

That’s one of the reasons that Far Eastern University (FEU),(opens in new tab) with 29,000 students on campuses in Manila and Makati City, has joined the SuiteAcademy program(opens in new tab) to incorporate NetSuite cloud ERP,(opens in new tab) including accounting softwares(opens in new tab) and auditing functionality, into the undergraduate curricula of their third- and fourth-year students pursuing business degrees. Implemented in the FEU Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance (IABF) this summer, the program allows students to access the software outside campus boundaries.

"We see the cloud as the future of software. Introducing cloud-based business instruction through NetSuite SuiteAcademy can enable us to provide students with highly sought-after skills that today's employers covet as more companies migrate to NetSuite cloud business management," said Celito C. Macachor, Dean, FEU IABF. "Being in the cloud, NetSuite makes anytime/anywhere learning and education possible for both our students and faculty."

Through the SuiteAcademy Program(opens in new tab), NetSuite puts itself at the forefront in preaching the benefits of the cloud to colleges and universities around the world. This program gives students the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of the power of cloud computing(opens in new tab) and how it works in business operations.

Moreover, NetSuite’s partnership with one of the leading universities in the Philippines has opened opportunities for future business leaders to further explore the cloud and achieve competitive advantage. The curriculum will offer students experience across core disciplines built into NetSuite’s single business management suite, including ERP, accounting, supply chain management(opens in new tab) and ecommerce.

The SuiteAcademy program will give students hands-on instructions that will prepare them for a fast-changing business world. This partnership will not only make FEU graduates more appealing to employers, it makes the university itself more appealing to students looking for an outstanding business and accountancy education, and the practical cloud computing experience the employers demand.

For further information about NetSuite SuiteAcademy program, please visit in new tab).

-James Dantow, VP for Worldwide Support and General Manager for the Philippines, NetSuite

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