Learning Cloud Support: Your All-Access Pass to Business Success

Dean Sprankling, Vice President of Education Services

August 20, 2018

If you’re like me, you have a growing list of things you’ll eventually get around to: the gym, the book collecting dust on the nightstand, organizing that cluttered desk. Setting aside a big chunk of time is almost impossible – which is why flexibility is key to both keeping my interest and getting things done.

In that sense, NetSuite’s Learning Cloud Support(opens in new tab) (LCS) Pass is designed for people just like me – and let’s face it, everyone else in today’s time-crunched world. NetSuite has long had a rich and diverse selection of training resources – from live online courses, to webinars, to training videos. But like many things in today’s world, timing is often a challenge. While companies may be eager for their administrators, technical team, operations, finance team and other key users to fully leverage their new solution, the users themselves may not have the time or predictability to commit to scheduled training. With NetSuite’s LCS Pass, you can access all the training you need anytime, anywhere.

In addition, I know from handling my household budget, that I don’t like surprises. Predictability of expenditures keeps me a happy guy. Because it is subscription-based, there are no surprises – you can count on a flat monthly fee as part of your planned budget.

But the time and money convenience are just the beginning. With the LCS Pass, there are no limits to your course selection. You have access to the full selection of NetSuite curriculum. Users of LCS typically take 7x more courses and complete 500 percent more training per year. This, coupled with the ability to take Certification prep courses, has meant they are among the most proficient users in the NetSuite community.

I know from years of working with clients that one size does not fit all. What resonates with one client may not with another. People’s training and resource needs are equally unique. LCS is versatile enough to cover both just-in-time training to in-depth training, and everything in between. The process is simple: Log in to NetSuite’s learning portal, browse through the course selection, which is categorized byproducts, tasks and roles, then find exactly what you need. Resources include student workbooks, reference materials, and the ability to email instructors with questions. NetSuite experts will present key concepts, illustrate real-life scenarios, provide hands-on experiences, and conduct knowledge checks.

With LCS, you can acquire breadth and depth of knowledge from our range of courses at your convenience. With the all-you-can-consume model of on-demand courses, you can retake topics that you find challenging, and access to training demo accounts gives you a playground for practice activities. The possibilities are all up to the user.

Now if they can just come up with the same models for the gym, that book and that desk.

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