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December 11, 2013

One of the things I like best about working with channel partners(opens in new tab) is that they are not zealots. They make decisions that are best for the success of their business and their clients' business. Successful partners go where the demand is. That's how I know the NetSuite Cloud has truly reached a tipping point, because we are seeing more and larger partners move away from old-world, rear-guard software systems to our Cloud solution than ever before. Simply put, customers are sending signals to the channel that their future IT dollars will be spent in the Cloud, and the smart partners are following the trail to their own future revenue. It's that simple. The Cloud is no longer a place to take risks or to dabble. The Cloud is the place where enterprise transactions are happening and are going to continue to happen, and channel partners who want to remain viable are making cloud computing(opens in new tab) a core focus. I'm excited every time we build a new partnership with a channel partner that five years ago was more likely to be found with a stack of punchcards than a cloud computing practice. Channel partners are recognizing that NetSuite is their single greatest ally in building loyalty and credibility since cloud computing can only succeed if customers are satisfied and continue subscribing to the service. You don't have to take my word for it. Listen to the partners who have become downright aggressive about trumpeting their shift to the cloud. Listen to the consulting arms of the country's largest regional and international accounting firms, including Baker Tilly and McGladrey, which have made significant and growing investments in the NetSuite cloud. Listen to established names—companies that built their brands on systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP(opens in new tab) and Sage(opens in new tab)—talk about their commitment to NetSuite's next-generation approach. Most recently, Blyethco, Sage’s top VAR has joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program(opens in new tab), augmenting existing product offerings with NetSuite cloud business solutions. Blytheco, founded in 1980 and serving more than 5,000 SMB and enterprise clients across the U.S., is launching a new cloud computing practice in addition to its existing Sage portfolio. You'll see this commitment to the Cloud in a number of ways. These channel partners are investing in search engine advertising. They are aggressively talking up their cloud strategies in blogs, at conferences, and in their demand generation efforts. In short, our new partners are becoming just as committed to the cloud as we are. Let's be clear. I am just as enthusiastic about channel partners solely focused on Cloud solutions which, like NetSuite, founded and built their businesses entirely around the 21st century enterprise cloud. But I get special satisfaction when I see new partners break free of old patterns and become just as adept and comfortable in the cloud as those of us who have been doing nothing but living and breathing the cloud for years.

Amede Hungerford - Sr. Director, Partner Marketing

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