You’re Still #OpenForBusiness -- and NetSuite is Here to Tell Your Story

March 20, 2020

Amidst the upheaval and unprecedented change around the world today, people are showing resilience, compassion and grit. 

Many businesses, and NetSuite customers in particular, are stepping up to the challenge. The answers often pour out of creative minds in the middle of the night. They are born sometimes out of necessity -- out of goodness and serving others -- and sometimes just out of pure survival instinct. 

This perseverance, drive and quick thinking are helping to keep them #OpenForBusiness. It’s also inspiring and a story NetSuite wants to share. 

Already, customers are demonstrating how it’s possible to remain #OpenForBusiness:

  • Language learning app Duolingo(opens in new tab) is teaching students new languages for free as parents adjust to homeschooling and online learning.
  • Dog is Good(opens in new tab) continues to spread joy with its pup-inspired apparel while giving back to pet and veteran organizations.
  • Kiva(opens in new tab) is making its small-business loans more accessible to hard-hit entrepreneurs by expanding their eligibility requirements and enacting longer grace periods.

That’s just a small sampling of the steps people have taken in a few short weeks or less, and there’s plenty more out there. NetSuite wants to help share those stories. This is a critical time for our businesses, our country, our world. It’s a time to turn toward community, and the NetSuite community can be a valuable one.

Here and over on Grow Wire(opens in new tab), where you can already find stories of businesses going above and beyond(opens in new tab), NetSuite will be sharing how our community is helping others -- and themselves. 

#OpenForBusiness will be a regular showcase of NetSuite’s amazing customers that are very much still ready to serve customers of their own. 

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Don’t forget we’re in this together.

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