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September 1, 2016

NetSuite customers are, by definition, innovators and progressive thinkers. Ten years ago, the idea of moving your ERP to the cloud was considered risky, even reckless. Yet today, the idea of sinking long-term investments into on-premise software and the associated IT and hardware costs is the one that seems crazy.

NetSuite customers saw the economies of scale of the cloud early on. Now, many are extending their advantage by using the flexibility and agility of cloud-based software to bring profound change to their markets. These innovative companies are able to quickly pivot and capitalize on new markets, new channels, new products and new services.

We spoke with some of these innovators about how they encourage innovation, how it helps to drive their business and how they capitalize on that success.

Structure Drives Innovation as Avant Disrupts Financial Services(opens in new tab)

Andrew Beck, Director of Global Operations of Avant, describes how the digital banker, named one of Forbes’ 25 next billion dollar startups, encourages innovation through structure and the importance of customer feedback.

Listening and Engaging Leads to Innovation at Design Within Reach(opens in new tab)

Bethany Kemp, VP of Technology and Information Systems at Design Within Reach, believes fostering a culture that values input from every customer, employee and partner enables the business to stand out in the marketplace.

Lovesac Reconfigures the Furniture Market(opens in new tab)

Ryan Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Lovesac, shares how the company’s cultural values help them to disrupt the furniture industry.

SoFi Transforms the Lending Industry(opens in new tab)

SoFi, an alternative lending company is growing rapidly and creating fundamental change in the finance sector. CEO Mike Cagney discusses innovation, disruption and reacting to it in this QandA.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Brings Art, Pop Culture, Fashion to Candy(opens in new tab)

Innovating on the candy store, a place that holds special memories for many and long-standing practices would seem a difficult undertaking. Erica StevensVP of Supply Chain and Information Technology of Dylan’s Candy Bar, explains how they did it, “retailtainment” and the world of candy.

Philz Coffee Brewing Up Innovation One Cup at a Time(opens in new tab)

Philz Coffee has grown from a single operation run by a coffee enthusiast to stores throughout the Bay Area with a vision “to have one store 1,000 times.” CEO Jacob Jaber explains how he’ll get there.

Alton Lane’s Hunter: Men’s Apparel Tailor-Made for Innovation(opens in new tab)

As a cofounder of Alton Lane, Colin Hunter believes disruption needs a purpose and any new technology or product must be developed with the customer in mind. For Hunter, the ability to adapt quickly and stay nimble is key to succeed in today’s market.

Tile Finds an Elegant Solution to an Age-old Problem(opens in new tab)

Mike Farley, cofounder and CEO of Tile, talks about his journey in starting Tile and how Tiles are helping make the world more connected.

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