Manufacturing the Cloud: The Future Looks Bright

December 11, 2013

As previously discussed, NetSuite has two major releases annually (cleverly named .1 and .2 respectively) and we just completed the upgrade process—so all of our customers are now on the 2012.2 release of NetSuite.

From a manufacturer’s(opens in new tab) perspective, there are several highlights in the 2012.2 release:

Manufacturing Work in Process
Manage your shop floor activities with finer control with the new Manufacturing Work in Process (WIP) functionality. This new functionality adds a multi-step process, which includes work order issue, work order completion and work order close.

Revision Control

  • Track effective and obsolete components in a bill of materials (BOM) with effectivity dating or revision control. On the assembly item record, there is a new BOM effectivity control field that offers flexibility on how you manage effectivity in BOM. For example, a widget may have multiple versions. Different versions of the widget may have different components since the components are revised based on vendor design changes, engineering changes, component item obsolescence and other factors.

Lead Time per Location
Enter lead time and safety stock levels on a per-location basis. With the addition of this capability, users can refine their planning process with more accurate safety stock and lead time values.

Cycle Counting
NetSuite now offers a detailed workflow around cycle counting. This new feature provides warehouse managers with a higher level of inventory accuracy, enabling tighter control over the company's assets. The functionality is built around a new Create Inventory Count Page that allows users to choose a list of items to be counted based on selection criteria such as next count date range, item classification, zero count, etc.

Serial Number Generation
Lot and serial tracking has been in core NetSuite for many years, but with this new functionality we can auto-generate the serial numbers for you with a prefix.

Not bad for a single release cycle! When you consider that this new functionality is in addition to what we have already added recently (i.e. Demand Planning(opens in new tab), Standard Costing, Available to Promise, etc.), I think it’s safe to say that the future of manufacturing at NetSuite looks very bright indeed.

Gavin Davidson - Vertical Market Expert, Manufacturing

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