Luke Walton Is Playing the Long Game, and Business Leaders Should Follow Suit

October 18, 2018

By Kendall Fisher(opens in new tab), executive producer at Grow Wire

Winning isn’t everything, according to Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton(opens in new tab).

Some of you may be laughing based upon the last few NBA seasons, but Walton’s thought process extends beyond basketball and beyond sports in general. In fact, it’s something all business leaders(opens in new tab) should take into consideration when leading their companies.

Walton and the entire Lakers organization believe in helping their players develop off the court, noting they can’t become mature NBA all-stars until they’ve first matured as people. That’s something Walton advises business leaders to do as well: Encourage employees—especially young talent—to develop mentally and emotionally outside of work, so when they are in the office, they’re ready to get down to business. Who’s up for some meditation classes or company-funded therapy sessions?

Walton says the other big lesson he learned in his first two years coaching the Lakers was to stop focusing on where the team was lacking and instead focus on getting really good at what they already did well. 

“I’ve learned that having a bigger goal and a bigger picture—even if it costs you in the immediate—is a very valuable tool to be able to keep in your mind as far as what you’re trying to accomplish,” Walton explained.

Watch the video above for more advice from Walton.

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