How to Scale Your Nonprofit with the Right Balance of Business and Passion

Kendall Fisher, Global Video and Podcast Producer/Host

September 28, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, nonprofit organizations aren’t run solely on donations, passion and the gumption to generate social change.

Though those are all factors that support a nonprofit, a successful organization must also strike the perfect balance of passion and business.

Cue Peggy Duvette(opens in new tab): Oracle NetSuite’s Senior Director of Social Impact(opens in new tab).

We sat down with Duvette on this episode of The NetSuite Podcast and dove into some of the challenges nonprofit organizations face when they don’t consider the “less sexy” side—if you will—of running a 501c3.

Duvette has been a thought leader in social change and technology for 15 years, heading up several nonprofit organizations before coming to Oracle NetSuite in 2014. Thus, she has the experience and knowledge to provide important advice nonprofits can use to fuel their mission and simultaneously scale their organization.

She dives into the reason technology can be a key factor in helping nonprofit leaders maintain the balance of passion and business, and why organizations need better reporting tools to track their data, financials and relationship management.

Finally, Duvette breaks down Oracle NetSuite’s Social Impact mission: Dedicated to accelerating the impact of social enterprises and nonprofits across the globe, regardless of their ability to pay—yes, you read that right.

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