Growing A Business Is Harder Than Ever. Let’s Change That.

June 18, 2018


  By Jason Maynard, editor in chief at Grow Wire

In short:

  • At first glance, it appears we’re in a golden age of entrepreneurship. But look closely, and you’ll see that while businesses are easy to start in 2018, they’re harder than ever to scale.
  • Growing businesses are the engine of job creation. Society benefits when more people are employed and personal incomes are increasing. But data shows the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t as strong today as it used to be.
  • The Grow Wire Media Network helps entrepreneurs master the art of scaling up. Everyone faces challenges and barriers and needs help breaking through them. That’s why we built this toolkit, to fuel your big ideas and your business.

Growing ideas -- and growing a business -- requires a superhero. And as we all know, every superhero has a secret weapon.

When Wonder Woman saved the world, she had her trusty lasso of truth to help execute her plan. When Batman rescued Gotham, he had Robin to back him up. When the Ninja Turtles defeated aliens, they had pizza to give them energy.

While we can’t promise you’ll rescue the planet from an alien invasion, we can promise that Grow Wire will help you defeat a collective foe our society faces: the minefield of obstacles(opens in new tab) that entrepreneurs face in growing their businesses.

This foe is especially fearsome. New and growing businesses are the engine of job creation, high wages, and economic dynamism. When entrepreneurs are creating jobs, opportunities expand, and everyone benefits. Conversely, when the entrepreneurial spirit is threatened like it is right now, we all lose.

And that’s why Grow Wire(opens in new tab) exists: to help address this problem by providing a toolkit of stories from superheroes who have been in your shoes. For example, consider 27-year-old Devin Becker(opens in new tab), who assumed VP duties at his family business when his father was diagnosed with brain cancer. Or look to Romina Rosado(opens in new tab), the content strategist who rose through the ranks at E! News after a career switch that would’ve left most people struggling to find their footing.

But wait, I hear you saying…

“Now is a great time to start a business.

And you're not entirely wrong. When we look at the state of entrepreneurship today, we see a lot of mixed signals. Some tell us that we’re in the golden age of entrepreneurship(opens in new tab): There’s VC money everywhere(opens in new tab), technology costs are down(opens in new tab), and the cloud cuts costs(opens in new tab).

But unfortunately, we also see a lot of problems for entrepreneurs in 2018.

However, in reality, small business owners have more to worry about than celebrate in 2018. New company formation isn’t as strong as it was in the 90’s and 2000’s. In fact, the rates of companies starting up and shutting down(opens in new tab) are essentially even. Plus, startup funding is tough: Only about half of all startups(opens in new tab) make it from Seed to Series A, and just half of those companies make it from Series A to B.

The overall share of U.S. employees who work at small companies has (opens in new tab)dropped massively over the last 35 years(opens in new tab), and fewer and fewer jobs(opens in new tab) are coming from companies that consider themselves “new.” This is a global problem, too. Startups (opens in new tab)are on the decline(opens in new tab) in top economies worldwide.

Without startups, the opportunity-creation flywheel slows. Small companies and the big ideas that fuel them are critical to society. That’s where Grow Wire comes in.

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Grow Wire is a rallying place for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Grow Wire is a response to the problems we see that are holding entrepreneurship back. It is a meeting place, the North Star to guide you toward the best version of yourself, your idea and your business. Grow Wire is your community and your training mate. We’ll do all we can to help and equip you, and we’re counting on you to share your success stories with us too.

Let’s get growing, superheroes.

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