Warriors GM Bob Myers on the Payoff of Planting Relationship Seeds Early

December 6, 2018

By Justin Biel(opens in new tab), trends editor at Grow Wire

Bob Myers(opens in new tab) is the general manager of the 2018 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. Myers discusses his ascension from sports agent to Warriors’ GM in an interview with Grow Wire, explaining how his reputation and business contacts played a pivotal role(opens in new tab).

Early in Myers’ career, he established role models and realized the value of relationships. Later, after he’d moved up the ranks, those role models came to him seeking jobs. This phenomenon highlights the importance of forging relationships with everyone in your corporate sphere, Myers says. 

“When somebody makes a phone call and asks about you, you can either get a job or lose a job based on that person’s comments,” he says.

Watch the video above, in which Myers recounts his path to becoming Warriors’ GM and highlights the importance of building bonds in business(opens in new tab). Then, roll the clip below to learn how he decompresses after a long workday.

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