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Fritz Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

May 13, 2020

Our Mission The entrepreneurial spirit needs fuel. Grow Wire is that fuel. We're a toolkit to help you grow your ideas, grow your business, or both.

We keep it simple. If you want to grow -- your career, your company or your concept -- you need both big-picture thinking AND tactical tips to get stuff done day-to-day. 

At Grow Wire, we deliver these as stories, because stories are the best way to learn.

Explore our site for expert insights, entrepreneurial tell-all’s, episodes of our podcast and TV show, and research findings that can help your enterprise grow. 

Grow your ideas. Grow your business.

Editorial Staff

Creator: Jason Maynard

Editor-in-chief: Fritz Nelson

Managing Editor:Suzy Strutner

Executive Producer & Host:Kendall Fisher

Trends Editor:Justin Biel

Commerce Marketing Analyst: Greg Zakowicz

Commerce & Retail Reporter: Ian McCue

Contributor: Gretchen Hyman

Contributor: Karen Knapstein

Reporter:Veronica Perry

Contributor: Lindsay Morris

Contributor: Andy Olin

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