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Mirage Motion Media Moves Full Steam on NetSuite

Pioneer of Non-Static Mural Advertising Implements NetSuite to Run Business Operations Worldwide

NetSuite's Dashboards Allow International Board Members and Business Partners to View Real-Time Key Business Performance Indicators and Production Schedules

TORONTO — 3 November, 2005 — NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software, today announced that Mirage Motion Media, pioneer of non-static mural advertising, has implemented NetSuite to run its worldwide business operations, including financials, global purchasing, inventory, marketing, sales, client service and business partner management. With NetSuite, Mirage can track inventory, generate purchase orders, support sales, promise orders to customers and manage production runs in real-time. In addition, NetSuite's Dashboards provide Mirage's board members, who are based in four cities within two continents, with a clear view into the company's key performance indicators (KPIs), which allows the board to meeting quarterly versus weekly. NetSuite's Dashboards also allow business partners to view production runs in real time, thus averting lag time. For more information about why Mirage selected NetSuite, please go to

Featured in prominent publications such as BusinessWeek and CanWest, Mirage Motion Media offers the "future of advertising" through a patented technology that uniquely creates moving pictures from static, rear lit signs, using no electronics or moving parts. Using the company's proprietary software, Mirage converts sequential frames from any video or film source and produces special motion prints that re-animate the moving pictures. Mirage is poised to establish license agreements worldwide through strategic alliances—for example, with Pattison Outdoor Media—and is kicking off their first revenue deal with Nokia in Canada who over the next 52 weeks, have eagerly acquired all the time available on the first installation located in Toronto's historical TD Center.

Before selecting NetSuite, Mirage used Excel spreadsheets to track business transactions, and financials, a system that was increasingly difficult to manage as business continued to expand. Mirage needed a system that could help manage product locations, ad production run schedules, and manage services—all on one central platform that would interface with remote users around the globe. After researching different software packages, Mirage pursued NetSuite because of its all-in-one, integrated and customizable system. Mirage looks forward to leveraging NetSuite to roll product out worldwide in countries like Chile, Romania and Germany to name a few.

"There aren't too many programs in the world that can do what NetSuite does for us that is fully integrated, at least not that I'm aware of," said Mark Beukers, CEO of Mirage Motion Media. "If we want to open an office in Tokyo, we could do it as quickly as it takes me to get an Internet connection for a business. This is what the power of technology is about; we can control a global business from one location confidently."

"NetSuite was founded on the premise of helping small and medium-sized businesses grow through software that before now, only large organizations were able to obtain," said Steve Frappier, Director of Sales for NetSuite Canada. "With NetSuite, Mirage Motion Media is able to create a large, global organization between a few people who are tied together on a single platform, which essentially makes Mirage appear much larger than a 10 person organization. We look forward to taking Mirage to the next level."

About Mirage Motion Media
Mirage is a Motion Media company whose technology permits target audiences to play and interact with the creativity of an advertiser's message. Brand advertisers, for the first time, have the ability to supplement or substitute a television campaign with an animated poster campaign aimed at pedestrians. The Mirage technology allows for the transfer of a sequence of image frames from a television commercial to a print substrate. The print is then placed in a rear lit 8' long signage box.

Mirage Motion Media creates and sells moving pictures and is the only company in the world capable of delivering a five- second movie commercial using an 8' long standard backlit print transparency. The company's objective is to provide a fun marketing tool, which provides both entertainment and the desire to acquire. This new medium allows the target audience to view, forward and rewind the animation by a simple change in their direction or speed of travel. When the audience says, "That is so cool!" it becomes intoxicating, and the brand or product captures a memorable moment in time, amongst the clutter and noise of today's other advertising mediums that is so often ignored.

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