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NetSuite 9.0: first mid-market business solution to integrate UPS online shipping

NetSuite speeds data exchange between order fulfillment, shipping logistics and customer service

San Mateo, Ca and New York, NY — Sept. 18, 2003—NetSuite, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite, today announced that it is the first application to directly embed UPS Shipping Tools to provide mid-sized companies with streamlined shipping management and simplified order tracking. The result is a seamless and end-to-end order fulfillment package with real-time visibility – saving labor costs and preventing costly data entry mistakes. This integrated offering also eliminates the problem of managing and manually exchanging data between separate order management, package tracking, shipping and customer service systems. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

In addition to the UPS Shipping Tool, UPS OnLine® Tools for tracking and address validation are a new addition to this enhanced NetSuite mid-sized enterprise system. A key feature is the direct link between the UPS tracking number, the sales order and customer record. Both merchants and customers can track the status of the package, including when it was received, who signed for it, and tasks previously managed between systems. The result is improved customer service at a lower cost.

Specifically, NetSuite 9.0 with UPS integration includes capabilities unmatched in any other mid-market business application. NetSuite allows UPS shipping in batch process and prints regular or sticky shipping labels. The comprehensive application can create shipping labels and generate tracking numbers from the front- and back-end operations, for multi-box and multi-step (i.e. pick, pack and ship) fulfillments, in addition to inputting the order and billing the invoice. NetSuite is also the first third-party developer to offer UPS Shipping in an application for origins outside the US.

"Together, NetSuite and UPS are bringing synchronized commerce to a fragmented business place," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "Our exclusive integration of UPS Shipping in NetSuite continues our commitment to eliminate redundant business systems, thereby speeding information flow and enhancing customer satisfaction at a much lower cost."

"Integrating UPS OnLine Tools within third-party applications increases the ease of use of UPS services for our customers' customers, while adding value to their applications," said Jordan Colletta, VP of UPS e-Commerce Marketing. "NetSuite customers can now easily and quickly complete shipping transactions and link with other business processes."

NetLedger piloted the enhanced NetSuite product with more than 100 customers.

"The new UPS Shipping within NetSuite is saving us significant time and money," said Tomer Pink, sales director of The End Records (, a Salt Lake City, UT-based retailer of popular music labels which handles an average of 300 online orders every day. "It is eliminating quite a few steps in our packing and shipping of CDs, plus it can now be done by any person in the company. I can't imagine doing this kind of volume with a system that doesn't offer the same level of integration – from the Web Store to back-end accounting – that NetSuite offers. We wouldn't be able to handle it."

"Generating UPS shipping labels within NetSuite dramatically reduces our time to fulfill our orders," said Ilan Douek, president of TonerZone (, a Los Angeles, CA supplier of toner cartridges to office supply distributors and printer supply resellers. "Our job is to ship out the orders quickly and accurately. With NetSuite shipping integration we are able to ship the same amount of orders – about 1,000 a month – and still have plenty of room to grow without hiring additional staff or purchasing separate shipping software. TonerZone stands to save approximately $1,600 per month or $20,000 per year with UPS Shipping within NetSuite."

UPS OnLine Tools is a component of NetSuite Version 9.0, Professional Edition. After an initial start-up price of $9,000, which includes two users, each additional user is charged at $75 per user, per month.


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