Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winners: Summer 2022

Recognizing top partner achievements for outstanding work with customers.

Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards

To highlight the impressive work of the NetSuite partner community, these awards recognize top Alliance partner implementations both by microvertical and by product. Congratulations to our winners!

Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards

Industry Spotlight Winners

The first award category recognizes partners who have developed outstanding expertise, customizations and/or IP in a specific microvertical, including:

  • Advertising, Media & Publishing
    Partner: Centrilogic
    Customer: G&G Outfitters
  • Agriculture
    Partner: Myers-Holum
    Customer: Pero Family Farms
  • AI/Robotics
    Partner: Beyond Cloud Consulting
    Customer: Locomation
  • Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
    Partner: RSM
    Customer: Reformation
  • Automotive
    Partner: Bridgepoint Consulting
    Customer: Infinitum Electric
  • Biotech/Biopharma
    Partner: Providence Consulting Group
    Customer: BioLife Solutions
  • Construction
    Partner: Appficiency
    Customer: Spark Power
  • Education
    Partner: Yantra
    Customer: Forage
  • Energy/Solar
    Partner: Bryant Park Consulting
    Customer: Lumio
  • Financial Services
    Partner: Plative
    Customer: Cohen and Company
  • Food & Beverage
    Partner: Zenardy
    Customer: Martha Stewart Kitchen
  • Franchises
    Partner: Bring IT
    Customer: Burn Bootcamp
  • Gaming & Entertainment
    Partner: Bring IT
    Customer: Accel Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
    Partner: Appficiency
    Customer: e.l.f Cosmetics
  • Healthcare
    Partner: Jade Global
    Customer: Sword Health
  • Logistics & Transportation
    Partner: Appficiency
    Customer: Redwood
  • Manufacturing
    Partner: Providence Consulting Group
    Customer: ClearTech Industries
  • Nonprofit
    Partner: Grant Thornton
    Customer: The Oversight Board
  • Pet
    Partner: Myers-Holum
    Customer: Open Farm
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital
    Partner: Deloitte Digital
    Customer: Granite Partners
  • Real Estate
    Partner: Allied Cloud
  • Retail
    Partner: Anchor Group
    Customer: Two Authenticators
  • Services
    Partner: MorganFranklin
    Customer: Vaco
  • Software & Technology
    Partner: Caravel Partners
    Customer: Calendly
  • Wholesale Distribution
    Partner: Myers-Holum
    Customer: International Materials

Product Spotlight Winners

The second award category recognizes partners who have demonstrated commitment to and success in implementing the below NetSuite products.

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse
    Partner: Bryant Park Consulting
    Customer: Surface Warehouse
  • Planning and Budgeting
    Partner: MindStream Analytics
    Customer: Redwire Space
  • SuiteCommerce
    Partner: Anchor Group
    Customer: Golden Software
Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards