Run Your Bike Business Better in the Cloud

While you focus on building and selling the world's best bike gear and equipment, NetSuite focuses on helping businesses like yours run better in the "cloud"—without the headaches and inefficiencies of disconnected and costly in-house IT systems for finance, order and inventory management, ecommerce and more.

  • Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with NetSuite's advanced warehouse, inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities
  • Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and provide better customer service through NetSuite's seamless integration of CRM with financials and other back-office systems
  • Manage webstores and online business with NetSuite's ecommerce solution, tightly integrated with your accounting, fulfillment, inventory, CRM and more
  • Grow revenues, enter new markets and improve channel partner engagement with tools for partner relationship management (PRM)
  • Eliminate manual processes and IT systems maintenance by running your business in the cloud
  • Monitor and manage your business with the ultimate customizable business dashboard, featuring built-in best practices for wholesale distribution.
“Not only does NetSuite give us a single, real-time business ecosystem, but it's so flexible that it makes it easy to modify our processes as we grow into a larger and larger company.” Niner Bikes


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