Release highlights

Continuous Employee Engagement

With SuitePeople Workforce Management, streamline shift scheduling, easily track hours, and automate wage calculations. SuitePeople Payroll seamlessly processes approved hours for payroll runs and automatically posts to the general ledger. The mobile app lets employees view their schedules, clock in and out, and request shift changes.

Smart Financials & Operational Excellence

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse expands the collection of industry content to include Services, Software, and Manufacturing; adds connections to more data sources; and is now available to customers in the UK and Australia. With NetSuite AP Automation, vendor bills can now be emailed directly to NetSuite, saving time and minimizing errors.

Optimize Warehouse Operations

NetSuite Ship Central equips warehouse workers with mobile packing and shipping capabilities. Serialized and lot numbered items can now be counted using NetSuite Smart Count. Orders with multilevel kit items can be picked with NetSuite WMS, and if bins are unexpectedly empty or damaged, their use can be blocked and an alert sent.

Release process

New features and functionality are released automatically to all NetSuite accounts twice a year — and most of them are free. Check out how the update process works.

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Feature overview

Smart Financials & Operational Excellence

  • NetSuite AP Automation is further improved by giving companies the option to upload vendor bills by simply emailing them to NetSuite.
  • The new uplift at renewal feature allows SuiteBilling users to automatically apply a percentage price increase to a customer’s renewal pricing.
  • Added capabilities to the Rebates and Trade Promotions SuiteApp allow business to automate rebate and trade promotions calculations on kits and assembly items, in addition to standard inventory items.

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Continuous Employee Engagement

  • NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management helps businesses eliminate multiple applications and spreadsheets by providing a unified solution that streamlines scheduling, simplifies the capture of time and attendance, automates wage calculations, and provides a better experience for both employees and managers.

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Business Intelligence

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse provides access to more NetSuite transactional record types, and enhances analyses with new data sets in areas like sales, inventory, financials, purchases, and support management.
  • The collection of prebuilt analytic materials for NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is expanded to include industry-specific dashboards and visualizations for professional services, software vendors, and manufacturers.
  • A new REST-based interface provides a dependable way to import data into NetSuite Analytics Warehouse from custom applications.

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Autonomous Supply Chain

  • Warehouse workers can now pack and prepare orders for shipment in a single mobile application with NetSuite Ship Central.
  • In the latest version of NetSuite WMS, individual items that are part of a kit can now be broken up for more efficient picking. New picking flows allow employees on the warehouse floor to mark partially picked orders as complete.
  • The Manufacturing Mobile SuiteApp now supports standalone assemblies without an associated work order.

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Optimizing the Project Lifecycle

  • The NetSuite Project Cost to Cost Percent Complete SuiteApp offers organizations the flexibility to define the basis for budget and cost on projects and recognize ongoing revenue based on project percentage completion.
  • Project 360 Dashboard access is expanded to include other roles beyond project managers, such as department heads interested in projects affecting their business units or supervisors looking for information on projects their subordinates manage.

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Unified Customer Experience

  • Automated upsell and cross-sell suggestions provided by Intelligent Recommendations has expanded from SuiteCommerce to also include NetSuite CRM opportunity, estimate, and sales order records.
  • NetSuite CPQ includes a new dropdown helper on the ruleset maintenance page that allows you to select pairs of questions and answers, improving the user experience and making building configuration rules quicker, easier, and less error-prone.
  • SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced web stores now supported Google Analytics 4 and ACH payments in the checkout flow.

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Development for the Platform Made Easy

  • Eight new standard REST record types are now generally available to help customers and partners use SuiteTalk REST Web Services to build integrated solutions that connect NetSuite with external systems and applications.
  • A host of new capabilities accessible from the SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code lets developers perform such tasks as server-side validation of custom code modules, directly access and import custom record instances from production and test accounts, and easily compare locally and account-hosted files in a split-editor view.

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