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NetSuite 2022 Release 2

Feature highlights for NetSuite financials
  • The new Rebate and Trade Promotions SuiteApp simplifies the management and execution of manufacturer rebates and trade promotions, saving time and increasing efficiency by centralizing and automating the creation, execution, accrual and reconciliation of vendor and customer rebate programs
  • Additional project classification values for department, location and class can be set on project records, saving time and improving data quality by ensuring project-related expenses or revenue are categorized correctly.
Feature highlights for NetSuite inventory management
  • Smart Count, a new automated, mobile cycle counting solution, allows users to conduct inventory counts live, without stopping transactions in the location, thus minimizing the interruption and impact on operations.
  • The new Item 360 dashboard makes inventory planning and management less daunting by putting all the information a user could need on any item in one place. Item 360 goes beyond the basics to show information like user-selected KPIs, inventory count by location and projected stock levels, with alerts for anticipated shortages or overstocks.
Feature highlights for NetSuite supply chain management
  • Enhancement to the Planners Workbench within NetSuite MRP gives planners the option to view projected inventory levels in a graph instead of just a table. This visualization can make it easier to spot SKUs with stock levels trending too high or low.
  • Pick and pack fulfillable service items like other inventory items through NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the Pack Station. This is useful for companies that offer services to customers or rely on third-party services as part of their operations.
Feature highlights for NetSuite CRM
  • The CRM Add-On provides incremental roles and dashboards specifically tailored to sales managers, sales representatives and marketing and customer service teams, along with 10 prebuilt SuiteAnalytics Workbooks to help measure sales performance.
Feature highlights for NetSuite Analytics Warehouse
  • With the Custom Attribute Mapping Editor, a business analyst can select the custom data to flow from NetSuite into the data warehouse on the next scheduled refresh, as well as its placement in a subject area data snapshot.
  • The Bundles feature makes it easy to export content from one NetSuite Analytics Warehouse instance to another. For example, a user can create a Workbook and dashboard in a sandbox account, then use Bundles to export it into a production account.
Feature highlights for NetSuite mobile app
  • NetSuite for iOS 10.1 delivers an overhaul of the Records List experience to iOS.
  • Improvements to the Global Search experience are now automatically filtered to that record type if you start your search from a specific record type.
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