Sneak Peek
NetSuite 2021 Release 2

Feature highlights for Software companies
  • Automatically activate, suspend or reactivate multiple subscriptions or subscription lines, with a new bulk activation feature. Users can also filter and select the products for processing, increasing productivity and handling a large numbers of accounts uniformly.
  • Consolidate purchase requisitions across subsidiaries with a new requisitions and procurement feature. Purchased items are received at the target subsidiary, and cross-subsidiary transactions are automatically cross-charged for better pricing, increased productivity and minimal overhead.
Feature highlights for Wholesale Distributors
  • Workers can now generate lot numbers automatically once a lot number format has been set for the item. They can also configure custom lot fields for additional inventory details such as supplier lot number and manufactured date.
  • NetSuite WMS and Pack Station now offers capabilities to help workers quick ship a pallet from a handheld device. It allows a pallet to be held until it’s full and allows workers to pack items going to the same destination in different orders, making the entire shipment more cost effective.
Feature highlights for Manufacturers
  • New allocation options allow planners to automatically prioritize inventory allocation to sales orders by gross profit or revenue. Planners can more accurately promise items with a new feature that provides the earliest date an item will be in stock and available at any given location. The calculation of the earliest available date takes into consideration supply chain lead times, any supply allocation strategies and even sales channel allocations and reservations.
  • Users now have much more flexibility when viewing information in the Planning Workbench, so they can more accurately sense demand and plan supplies. Date-based views of planning results are now available in daily, weekly or monthly buckets, and a new parameter limits how many days into the past the supply planning process will look for past-due, unconsumed forecasts.
Feature highlights for Retailers
  • New website setup automation condenses the many steps of setting up a SuiteCommerce site into a single click. The installation can run in the background, saving administrators up to five hours over the previous process.
  • Give customers the option to pay invoices by ACH bank-to-bank electronic payments via SuiteCommerce MyAccount. This helps retailers reduce the fees associated with processing credit card payments and allows them to accommodate higher invoice transactions
Feature highlights for Services companies
  • Project managers get a more intuitive user interface for managing both tasks and overall projects. The interface improves usability and offers a better visualization of project status throughout its life.
  • Users can now add project managers as an approver type in SuiteApprovals, allowing project managers to review, approve and reject project-based transactions including expense reports, purchase orders and vendor bills. This gives managers more control over project budgets and adds flexibility to the approval process.
Feature highlights for Nonprofit organizations
  • The new development director role and dashboard introduces a customized fundraising role based on NetSuite Sales Center, with a dashboard delivering metrics such as donor retention and fundraising efficiency.
  • The improved nonprofit deployment model employs a new Update Verification SuiteApp and a set of scripts to simplify updates to all nonprofit SuiteApps. Nonprofit users can confirm their readiness to receive bundle updates in the Verification SuiteApp, which also serves as a checklist of pre-update tasks and gives guidance during implementation.
Feature highlights for Developers and Admins
  • Integrating NetSuite with external applications and data sources using SuiteTalk REST Web Services becomes even easier. All customers now have access to the full range of query functionality included with the service.
  • Now generally available to all customers, the SuiteAnalytics Workbook API provides programmatic access to a wide range of Workbook capabilities enabling developers to create powerful business intelligence applications. For example, users can link multiple datasets to display relationships of interest within pivot tables. They can then execute pivots for subsequent report generation, and save data sets directly from custom scripts.
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