About the Program

While Social Impact customers immediately see the operational value of implementing NetSuite, not all organizations have an in-house technology expert to fine-tune how the system can best be used as a solution for their unique needs. The Suite Pro Bono Project program matches the professional skills of our passionate employees with those needs of Social Impact customers.

Organizations have an opportunity to apply for pro bono assistance quarterly. There are three types of project options available:

  • Discovery: Choose a specific element of NetSuite that you’re interested in exploring and consult with a team to understand how the functionality works. From there, work together to jointly determine if it’s a good option for you.
  • Consultation: Receive detailed recommendations about how to address a challenge you are facing utilizing the NetSuite system.
  • Configuration: Work collaboratively with individuals who will help you configure your system. You will be expected to be involved in the configuration process and ideally you have considered the discovery and consulting component of a project before doing any configuration to your system.

How to Participate

  1. Review the Project Offering Guide [linked to datasheet] to determine which two projects you’d like to apply for (only one will be granted) and the type of assistance desired from our team.
  2. Complete the organizational application (opens in new tab).
  3. The Suite Pro Bono team reviews applications and matches organizations with NetSuite employees based on organizational needs, employee skills and employee availability. Please note that not all project requests are granted, therefore the stronger the application, the better the chances of having a request awarded.
  4. The Suite Pro Bono team creates teams of 2-3 employees per project.
  5. Once teams have been formed, NetSuite employees and recipient organizations take part in an online onboarding process.
  6. NetSuite employees and the customer point of contact arrange a kickoff call to meet one another and discuss the project.
  7. Teams meet virtually for weekly calls.
  8. Employees spend up to 20 hours during the quarter working on the project. The bulk of the project takes place during months two and three.

Quarterly Project Timing

Quarters Applications Due Project Work Timeline
Early June
July, August
Early September
October, November
Early December
January, February
Early March
April, May
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