Stairway Approach

Stairway to Customer Experience Nirvana

NetSuite has devised a logical path forward for Fashion Brands to succeed in today's competitive market. We view this approach as a stairway, beginning with the most significant step; a remedial phase that serves as the foundation and a single platform for core business processes.

The climb to the top is effortless once a central hub for order management, customer, item and inventory is created. All subsequent steps will feed from this data, ensuring accurate information across all shopping channels is delivered in real-time.

Customer Experience Nirvana arrives when a company is no longer held back by fragmented systems, rather they can focus on delivering personalized service, innovative campaigns, and visionary products.

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A single system for orders, customers, items and inventory

Achieve one version of the truth to service all departments and channels. Operate from a central and consolidated backend without replacing existing ecommerce or POS systems.

  • Customer: Establish one central engagement hub to track customer purchases, communications and preferences.
  • Order: Utilize intelligent order orchestration to deliver on the promise of fulfilling, buying and returning anywhere.
  • Inventory: Convert more sales with clear visibility into inventory levels across all channels, updated in real-time.

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Unifying your POS system with the back-office

With NetSuite as the single system for customer, order and inventory data, omnichannel commerce becomes a reality.

  • SuiteCommerce InStore: Unifies the online and in-store shopping experiences to enable true omnichannel commerce from a single cloud commerce platform.

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Enhancing all shopping channels for a true omnichannel journey

SuiteCommerce: Support the needs of both B2C and B2B ecommerce from a single platform. Unlimited flexibility enables B2C sites to deliver the engaging and personalized experiences consumers expect, while B2B sites can offer a rich B2C-like customer experience with added functionality to support the unique requirements of business users.

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Delivering innovative customer experiences

At this stage of the stairway, with a single source for item, inventory, customer, order, and a single customer engagement platform in place, retailers are ready to start providing innovative customer experiences. That begins by engaging with customers via real-time conversations through selling channels, moving into offline engagement, and ultimately creating omnichannel marketing and loyalty campaigns that can close any remaining gaps in the customer experience journey. Marketing campaigns are now an easy extension of the omnichannel story, rather than a futile attempt to stitch it all together, as many retailers are doing today.

  • Bronto: The Bronto Marketing Platform helps deliver timely, relevant, data-driven digital marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer life cycle and drives more revenue.

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Disrupt the Fashion Industry

Quickly scale operations to become a top contender in today's fashion apparel industry. With the proper software in place, technology is no longer a limiting factor and retailers can point their focus towards more creative endeavors.

Customer experience nirvana arrives when you're no longer dependent on technology providers to help you create and engage in new disruptive ways. Retailers can take disruption into their own hands, confident that their omnichannel engagement hub and retail management system will help them innovate, rather than be a source of frustration.

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